DIY Stacking Toys for Toddlers

While visiting with family this month, I learned a fun idea to keep my 19 month old occupied for quite a while.  My mom-in-law brought out some toys she had for the kids and among them was this stack made from plastic fruit cups she had collected and washed.

The Attic Baby loved taking the fruit cups and stacking them in different ways.  She also loved knocking down the big tower of them once they were stacked.

I thought it was a very neat idea that I could do myself at home too.  So I have been collecting fruit cups and applesauce cups after snack time to make DIY stacker fun.

(By the way, if you have a dishwasher that gets things spotty sometimes, you'll probably want to wash them the old fashioned way by hand)

These cups make great stacking blocks.  You can lay them out one by one and let your child put them together in any arrangement they want.  The Attic Baby likes to put them upside down and shift them from one little pile to another.  

Then she will turn them right-side up and stack them.  She also likes to spread them out and put them on the shelves of the kitchenette my sis-in-law gave us.   The Attic baby enjoys it just as much as playing with her little tea set!

There are so many ways you can use these.  They make great snack holders for little items like goldfish crackers.  But they can also be used for art activities (water color paints, goop, etc), sorting/grouping activities, and more!

It is fun, cheap entertainment for your tot that uses items you may already have.  And best of all, mom can get a few things done while they are occupied (thanks to my mom-in-law for the idea!)
3 comments on "DIY Stacking Toys for Toddlers"
  1. My 8 month old loves to play with her stacking cups too, although she is not coordinated enough to stack them up. She usually scoots them around or picks them up one by one. But yes, they provide endless fun!

  2. My kids stacked and stacked until the tumble. Its a kid thing LOL


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