Sunscreen Tips And Spring Crafts


I'm excited to let you know that I have been chosen to be a Coppertone Water MOM!  As such, I will be sharing the latest products and tips from Coppertone to keep your family safe from UVA or UVB rays in the outdoor sun.  (I am fair-skinned and have two fair-skinned children, so we spend a lot of time slathering on the sunscreen!  As a matter of fact, we're usually those really pale people you see on the beach or at the pool.  And I'm okay with that)

Did you know that May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month?  It's very important to be conscious of protecting your skin as you spend more time outdoors with your family.    

Tips for Sunscreen Use:

    • Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before sun exposure
    • Use sunscreen  liberally and apply it evenly over all exposed skin. 
    • Don't forget spots like the ears, neck, and shoulders; they need sunscreen too. Try wearing a  wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses and seek shade when the sun is most intense.
    • SPF tells you the level of protection a sunscreen provides from sunburn.  Use sunscreen with broad spectrum SPF 15 or higher whenever you're outside.
  • Reapply, reapply, reapply.  Apply another coat of sunscreen as needed, at least every 2 hours- and make sure you reapply after swimming, sweating, vigorous activity or toweling off (as directed).
    • For active children:  Use water resistant sunscreens with broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher.  Look for products that are quick and easy to apply  ( Don't forget to keep babies under six months of age out of the sun and consult a doctor before applying sunscreen.)

Did you know that Coppertone also has an "app for that"?  You can get Coppertone's MyUV Alert App which offers local UV index forecasts, custom sunscreen application reminders you can set, sun protection tips, coupons and more!   It sounds like a pretty neat tool for moms on the go!

For more sun care tips, please visit Coppertone.com.  You can also find other great information on Coppertone's Facebook Page.

Here are some craft ideas to keep your munchkins busy whether outdoors or inside on those rainy spring days:

Homemade Play Dough

  • 2 cups flour
  • 1 cup salt
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 3 tablespoons cream of tartar


Mix all ingredients together.  When you are mixing the ingredients, you can add in food coloring as well.  If the mix is too sticky, add extra flour or if it is too firm, add extra oil. 

Stained Glass Windows

  • Tissue paper in an assortment of colors
  • Glue stick
  • Plastic wrap
  • Tape


Lay out a piece of plastic wrap on the table or another flat surface.  Using the tissue paper, 
either cut pieces for your child or they can rip the paper apart.  Using the glue stick, glue the 
tissue paper to the plastic wrap.  Once the entire piece is covered, allow it to dry then hang it 
on a window attaching it with tape.  Your child’s newest piece of art will be stunning as the sun shines through!

Backyard Art

  • 1 old sheet
  • Markers, paints, sponges, brushes, and any other art supplies you may have

Lay the sheet out on the grass or driveway.  Let your kids transform the old sheet into a new work of art.  But be prepared, this may get a little messy

Homemade Bird Feeder

  • 1 clean juice, soda or water plastic bottle
  • Bird seed
  • String or twine
  • Scissors
  • Sticks from the backyard, chopsticks, pencils, or wooden spoons


Using a cleaned out plastic bottle, mark where you would like to insert 
the wooden sticks.  We recommend placing two holes on the bottom of 
the bottle and two towards the top.  Moms, you may have to help 
making the holes with the scissors. Place the wooden sticks through the 
holes.  These will act as stoops for the bird to land on while they munch 
on their meal. Next, mark 4 more holes, which will remain open so that 
the birds can reach the food.  Then, place a small hole in the cap, and 
thread string through it.  Tie a knot at the end so that the bottle will 
hang by the string. Finally it’s time to fill the feeder with birdseed and 
remember to seal the cap on tight once you are finished.

Disclosure:  As a member of the Coppertone® Water MOMS group, I receive product samples and promotional items to share and use as I see fit.  No monetary compensation has taken place and any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience.  The spring craft ideas were provided by the Coppertone Water MOMS newsletter.

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  1. My family members are brown skinned, but we still slather on sunscreen. It's important to keep your skin healthy, we re-apply about every hour.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the reminder (; I am almost out of sunscreen! Great post!!

  3. Great tips! Sunscreen can be a tricky thing I don't think people realize that.


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