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The Chipwrecked Blu-rays and DVDs released just in time for Easter.  How about some fun crafts to go along with the movie that just might be in your child's Easter basket?  

In this feature, we'll talk about some fun and
interesting ways that you can make festive decorations out of Alvin, Simon and Theodore's favorite food.


MATERIALS:                                                                                                  DIRECTIONS:
Chocolate Frosting or Peanut Butter                                                  1. Frost a third or so of plain or
Donut holes                                                                                                     glazed doughnut hole with
Crumbled Toffee                                                                                           chocolate frosting or peanut butter.
Pretzel                                                                                                                  2.  Roll the frosted top in crumbled
Toffee (look for it in the baking section of grocery stores), then add a small piece of a pretzel for the stem.


MATERIALS:                                                                                                  DIRECTIONS:
Small wooden birdhouse                                                                         1.  Paint a small wooden birdhouse
Twigs, Pebbles, flakes of bark, acorn caps,                                   white before decorating with the
Small pinecones and pinecone scales                                              natural materials you’ve collected.
Tacky glue                                                                                                        2. Use tacky glue to attach lighter
Glue dots                                                                                                          items and glue dots for the heavier
Artificial birds                                                                                                 things.               
3.  As a finishing touch, add artificial birds.


MATERIALS:                                                                                                  DIRECTIONS:
Acorn caps                                                                                                        1.  For each acorn, cut two pieces of
Colored tissue paper                                                                                  colored tissue paper, one about 5
Waxed paper                                                                                                   inches square, and one about 2
Paintbrush                                                                                                        inches square.  Ball up the larger
White Glue                                                                                                       square into a roughly oval shape.      
                                                                                                                                2. Working over waxed paper, use a
paintbrush to coat the smaller square with white glue.  Wrap the smaller square around the wadded tissue, smoothing it on as you go.
3. Attach the acorn cap with a dab of glue. Holding the acorn by the cap only, carefully paint the outside of the tissue ball with glue to seal it. Let the acorn dry on the waxed paper.


MATERIALS:                                                                                                  DIRECTIONS:
Capped acorns                                                                                               1.  Gather capped acorns and
Tacky glue                                                                                                        carefully remove the caps.
Fuzzy yarn and wool                                                                                   2. To make the hair, put one large
Permanent marker                                                                                       drop of tacky glue on the top of
Scissors                                                                                                              acorn and press wisps of fuzzy yarn
String                                                                                                                  wool roving into it.  After apply a
Second drop onto the wisps, put the caps back on and hold them for one minute. 
3. Use a permanent marker to draw faces. Trim the hair, then make “chains” by tying string around the cap stem and securing it with a drop of glue.

Here are some cute Easter cards that you can also print out for your child or to share with friends.  (Just click on the image, save to your computer, and print)

Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!  

(Oh, and don't forget the Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked DVD GIVEAWAY ends April 9th.  Get those entries in!)

Disclosure:  I did not receive any compensation for this post.  The information was provided by Fox Home Entertainment Publicity and all opinions are my own.

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  1. I love the acorn doughnut holes. I pinned them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh!! I need to try the doughnut holes.. The crafts you've shared are cute! Happy Easter too!

  3. LOVE the acorn doughnut holes!!! Fun ideas, thanks!

  4. LOVE the Chipmunks, I've been obsessed since I was a kid!

    Found you on a blog hop, followed <3



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