Love Is...Some Ground Up Hamburg

Ladies, I'm going to brag on my husband today. I believe he deserves it.

The other night, we had family taco night, which we hadn't done in a while. My hubby came home from a long day at work and went to directly making dinner while I watched our daughter play in the living room.

He cooked up the hamburger for our tacos into two separate dishes; one with the taco seasoning and one without just for me because he knows I don't like the spiciness of the seasoning. Then he diced up the tomatoes for me (even though he doesn't like them himself). And spread out all the fixings that my son and I like on the table.

We took turns eating so that one of us could feed our toddler and the other could enjoy dinner while it was still warm.

When dinner was finished, I mentioned I wanted to use the extra hamburger for my lunch the next day. He apologized that there wasn't a lot of meat left since he wasn't sure how much to leave out for me that wasn't seasoned. I was a little disappointed that there was just a little bit left, and I guess he could see that in my face (though I told him it was fine, I could make do with what we had).

He went out to the pharmacy to pick up some things that I needed and came home. Then I saw him in the kitchen again cooking and asked him what he was making, thinking that maybe he was making his lunch for work ahead of time.

He told me that he was cooking hamburger.

He had stopped by the grocery store on the way home and picked up some more so that I could have it for my lunch. And he took the time to cook it up for me and store it in the fridge to save me from having to do it.

When I put together my lunch the next day, I couldn't help but smile and be reminded of the sweet thing that he did for me. It was something simple, but that simple thing was done with so much love behind it.

I am one blessed woman to be married to a man who demonstrates love every day with simple actions.

Thank you honey for loving me like that.
5 comments on "Love Is...Some Ground Up Hamburg"
  1. That is awesome! What a totally sweet thing to do

  2. It's amazing how wonderful those simply little acts make our relationships happier and healthier. It's also nice that you appreciate them!

  3. It's nice to find someone else who has a great husband, too.

  4. That is sooo stinkin' sweet! I'm glad you shared. Some of us (ahem, me) need to be reminded to praise our husbands more often.


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