Love, Whipped Cream, and Tears

On Valentine's Day, I thought I'd try a fun activity with the Attic Baby.  It didn't quite go as I planned.

Sensory experiences are supposed to be fun for toddlers, right?  So I got out the whipped cream and started painting it onto the high chair tray.

Baby girl put her hands in it at first...I even let her try a taste.  She seemed to like it...

whipped cream, toddler sensory activities

I even made her a cute little heart.  But I guess she wasn't so thrilled about getting messy...

toddler crafts, whipped cream crafts, preschool crafts

Sensory activities for toddlers, toddler crafts, Valentine's Day crafts for toddlers

whipped cream, valentine's day crafts for toddlers

sensory activities, toddler crafts, valentine's day crafts for kids

Hopefully we'll have better luck next time.

1 comment on "Love, Whipped Cream, and Tears"
  1. lol! awww! this reminds me of when my oldest was turning 1 and we were having a birthday party for him and we lit the cake and begin to sing happy birthday to him and he just cried histerically. It took us about 20 minutes to calm him down. He did not like the party thing.


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