Cupcake Cuties Designer Cupcake Kits Review

Take Your Cupcakes from Ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!

I have to admit that I have a major sweet tooth.  I love cake, especially the icing.  My hubby's birthday was coming up and I happened to stumble upon a review on another blog for Cupcake Cuties.  When I saw how adorable these cupcakes were (and how yummy they looked!)  I knew I had to try them.

Mind you, I may have a sweet tooth, but I am not a baker.  Those moms with the perfectly decorated homemade cupcakes that come to parties or classrooms....nope, definitely not one of those moms.  My homemade doesn't usually turn out pretty, so I end up buying something already finished.  

Everything on their website said that these are as "easy as 1, 2 ,3" with "busy Moms and Dads in mind."   And I am a busy mom with a 1 yr old in need of something easy.  

The kit arrived in this cute box with pink tissue paper.  Even in packaging, these are just plain cute.

This is one of the kits I was sent (the other I am saving for Easter).  I have never seen cupcakes that look like cheeseburgers.  This was perfect for my hubby's birthday celebration!

Complete BBQ/Cheeseburger Cupcake Kit Contains:

  • (24) Cheeseburger Cupcake Sleeves/Wrappers
  • Brown Food Coloring
  • White Jimmies Shaker
  • Easy to follow How-To decorating instructions and illustrations

(you will need to buy your favorite cake mix and icing ahead of time, they are not included in the kit)

We took out all of our ingredients and our instructions and got to work.

My 12 yr old son helped me make the cupcake mix and bake them.  

Some of the cupcakes turned out bigger than others, so it was a little tricky getting the sleeves around some of them.  We put the sleeves on before icing the cupcakes so we didn't mess up the icing.  

I have never worked with gel food coloring before (only the liquid drops).  I only needed a very small bit to get the color of the cheeseburger bun.  At first, it looked like chocolate ice cream.   I'm glad I only tried a little icing at first and then kept adding more in so it finally lightened up.  You only need a little bit for one tub of icing.  The color wasn't perfect, but we were pretty pleased with it.

After adding the icing, we sprinkled on the jimmies and voila!  We had cheeseburger cupcakes.  And let me tell you, they tasted just as good as they looked!  

These took a bit of time to ice on our first try, but I'm sure it will go more quickly the next time around now that we have done them once.

My hubby brought several of them to work the next day.  He received compliments as well as comments like "those are cute!"  "that's a cupcake?"  and "I've never seen those before."

The cost of the kit right now is $12.99 (regular $16.99).  Yes, this is a bit pricey for our family, since they don't include the cupcakes and icing.   It's something for a special occasion and not something we could afford to do when we get a sudden craving for sweets (which happens often in our house!).  

Where to Buy:  

You can purchase kits directly from the Cupcake Cuties website.

You can find their latest designs and news on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

If you're in need of something special for a birthday party, office party, holiday, or fun occasion, you definitely want to check out Cupcake Cuties.  They have kits for Valentines Day too!

Disclosure:  I received the kit mentioned above for the purpose of review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

4 comments on "Cupcake Cuties Designer Cupcake Kits Review"
  1. Wow, these are so cute! I love the idea of taking something as simple as a cupcake and making it into something extra special!

  2. Those are cute! I'm sure mine would look nothing like a cheeseburger cupcake!

  3. This looks amazing! I would love to try it.
    New follower from the weekend hop.
    Would also like to exchange buttons with you if you are interested. :-)

  4. These are super cute, I'm gonna have to try them out. My boys would get a kick out of the cheeseburger cupcakes. very cute.


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