Author Wayne Batson Lunch, Book Signing, And Seek The Stars Contest

When I heard about the opportunity to have lunch with fantasy fiction and local Maryland author Wayne Batson {The Door Within trilogy} in celebration of his latest book launch, The Errant King, I was very excited!

My son is a HUGE fan of his (you may remember my post a couple of years ago, Wayne Batson and Christopher Hopper Book Signing 2009 at my son's school) and I knew he would love to attend. 

Nothing like waiting til the last minute to RSVP; when I called they said that the lunch was full. Being the mama that I am, I emailed anyway to see if there was a small chance they could fit us in.

His Way Christian Book store was incredibly gracious and told me that they could squeeze us in anyway!  

I was looking forward to attending this event, but my plans ended up going differently than I wanted.  I came down with a nasty cold the day before and ended up having to stay home.  My sweet hubby came to the rescue and brought my son.

Fantasy Fiction authors, Maryland authors, Wayne Thomas Batson

It was a group of about 25 people at a nice little cafe.  Wayne went to each table and spent time chatting with everyone.   It was wonderful that he took the time to do this!  My shy son appreciated it so much, despite being a little tongue tied when he was asked if he had any questions.  

Maryland authors, The Errant King, fantasy fiction writers, book signing

After lunch, the bookstore had a little surprise birthday party for Wayne.  They had Errant King themed cupcakes and a booklet/card for fans to sign.  Wayne read from The Errant King with his usual flair (and I don't think anyone kicked him in the shins, ha ha!).  My son told me that Wayne had to borrow his son's sword for demonstration because his was broken; something about chopping tree roots with it? 

Maryland authors, fantasy fiction writers, book signing, His Way Christian Book Store events 

The bookstore had sold out of some of the older books, so Wayne graciously produced some from his car.  My son was grateful since he was looking forward to reading the last in the Berinfell Prophecies series (thanks to his wonderful grandparents for the Christmas gift!).  It was extra special to have his copy signed to add to his collection!

Thank you His Way events for hosting and squeezing in two extra seats!  And big thanks go to Wayne Batson for taking the afternoon to spend with your fans!  (which is no small thing when you are a middle school teacher and it's the busy month of December)

If you have read this far, you will definitely want to check out Wayne's Seek the Stars Contest.

In his words, it's EPIC fun!  

Your tweens and teens (and even adults alike) could win some great prizes:

 A Brand New Amazon Kindle!

Wayne Thomas Batson

• Ownership of your very own Star. Not kidding. Some winners will be able to have a real star registered in his/her name or even in his her team name!
• Free eBook downloads.
• All kinds of unlockables: behind the scenes Dark Sea Annals stuff, custom artwork, desktops, posters, Original Dark Sea Music Tracks, online games and more!
• A few hard-working winners will become Books-For-Life Guild Members. These folk get a signed copy of each and every book that I ever write!
• Get your name in the Acknowledgment Section of my next book.
• Get a character in my next book named after you!

The Contest Runs November 26th and ends SEVEN months later on Tuesday, June 26th.  Head over to Wayne Batson's blog for specifics!

Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for this post. I am writing this to share with my readers and support a local author.  Any opinions expressed are my own.
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  1. Enjoyed reading the details of this event. :-)

  2. Thank you, Shelly for the very cool write up. It was a thrilling afternoon for me--always the best part of being an author is meeting the people you write to entertain, and reading to them as well.

    Never alone!


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