Mama's Background Music

Last night, while watching The Amazing Race on CBS with my son (which was on time delay again grrr!), I changed the channel to Mama Mia during commercials. Exactly what a 12 year old boy wants to watch, right? But this mama wanted a girly musical fix so despite my son's protests, I tortured him with the melody of "Honey, Honey" by Abba. (and hey, what girl doesn't need to watch a little Colin Firth?)

During the rendition of "Honey, honey how you thrill me.." my son turned to me and said:

"You know the problem with life Mom? There's no background music."

To which I responded:

"You are absolutely right."

Which got me thinking...

What background music would be fitting for a busy mom's day?

The only thing I could hear in my head right then was....

What do you think busy mamas?  Would this be playing as your background music?

And just in case you need a good chuckle to start off your week, here's some Colin Firth dancing in spandex:

1 comment on "Mama's Background Music"
  1. This gave me a good laugh Attic Girl! I love the Motha Hood song!


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