Ten Reasons Why I Want To Visit Virginia Beach

Ever get the itch to go on a vacation to the beach?  I want to go to the beach very badly.  My favorite thing to do while at the beach is to lounge in a comfy chair, bury my feet in the sand, and read a great book.  It's been a few years since I have had the opportunity to do that.  It has also been a long time since my family has had the chance to kick back and have a vacation together.

Virginia Beach is about a 5 hour drive away from my area (approx 4 hrs from DC).  Driving down there would definitely be a challenge due to the fact that I have a 6 month old that hates riding in her car seat.  Every time we buckle her up, she cries.  Her crying leads to wailing and I'm sure you can imagine how much fun that is on a long trip.  But the beach is totally worth the torture in my opinion.

If I had the money at my disposal, I would plan a vacation where we could stay in a suite or rent a beach house and invite my husband's family.  I'm sure that his two sisters (with 7 kids between them) and his parents would enjoy being all in one spot together.  His sisters haven't had the chance to meet our baby yet.  It would be a fun family get together for all of us!

Here are my top reasons why I want to visit Virginia Beach:

1.  There are 35 miles of coastline; this gives you lots of options!  I love finding a quiet spot on the beach to read, which isn't very easy considering how many people are visiting at any given time.  With all that beach area, I'm sure I could find a great spot!  I'd set up our Pack 'N Play for the baby and all the other kids could play in the sand.  I'm sure my son would love burying himself in the sand too.

2.  There are many areas to explore.  I read about First Landing State Park online.  It is near the Chesapeake Bay which offers bike trails, camping areas, and places to fish.  My son would love to investigate all the little creatures that wash up on the shore.  It's also fun to collect different kinds of sea shells for our sea shell collection.

3.  There are lots of restaurants with various options for dining.  I love trying out new places.  My hubby loves seafood so I'm sure we could find lots of fresh fish and crabs to make him a happy camper.  And there are kid-friendly options as well.

4.  They play family-friendly movies on the beach weekly.  What could be more fun than watching a movie together out on the beach with an ocean view?  I'm sure popcorn, candy and s'mores would make it absolutely perfect.

5.  Funkfest free concerts in August; my family loves to watch summer concerts.  And in this economy, free is always a plus!

6.  The Virginia Aquarium is close by;  my son would be in heaven.  He loves animals and there are so many fun learning opportunities for families.

7.  Busch Gardens is not too far away.   We have never been there and I'm sure we could find lots of fun roller coasters and water rides to keep us busy for hours.

8.  My guys could go fishing.  Both of them love fishing, which would give me extra reading time.  So all of us would be happy!

9.  My husband and his dad could golf.  There are over 198 holes which would make my husband a very happy golfer. And I would be a happy wifey because again, I could get in some extra reading time!

10.  I could try jet skiing for the first time.  I have always wanted to get on a jet ski and crash over the waves!

If you are looking to plan a vacation at Virginia Beach, you can find out more at www.VisitVirginiaBeach.com.

Disclosure:  I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Virginia Beach Tourism blogging program for a gift card worth $40.  For more information on how you can participate, click here.

3 comments on "Ten Reasons Why I Want To Visit Virginia Beach"
  1. Virginia Beach sounds wonderful, Shelly! Hope you get to go on your vacation sometime in the near future. : )

  2. Thanks for following the Hines-Sight Blog on Twitter.

    I'm playing catch up. Your blog is great.


    PS. I hope you make it to the beach.

  3. Forget Va Beach - save yourself a toll - and visit Chincoteague lol. But really, Va Beach is great for the most part.


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