Does Your Baby Have Radar?

One of the difficult things about being a mom of a young baby is trying to find "me" time. I have spent a lot of time changing diapers, feeding, burping, bathing, and playing with my little girl. And I have enjoyed this time with her. Don't get me wrong. But I have been schlupping around with my hair uncombed in a pony tail, no make-up, and sleeping in my clothes so I can get my son to school on time in the morning.

I need to take a shower from time to time.

But it seems that every time I get the water running and step inside the shower, this blip goes off across my daughter's radar screen that says "time to get Mommy's attention." And she will start screaming. It doesn't seem to matter if I have left her asleep or contentedly awake.  I haven't had a nice long hot shower in a while. It's usually scrub real fast and jump out to dry off and attend to her needs.

It not only happens when I'm in the shower, it happens when it's time for me to eat. Whether it's lunch time or dinner time, that little blip in my daughter's radar goes off. It's either time for a bottle, time to be changed, or time to cry.

Is this some innate sixth sense that babies have? I don't know. Right now my baby's sleeping and giving me a few moments to blog about her. I have a feeling that my plans to shower may be thwarted very soon.

What about you? Does/did your baby have radar?

3 comments on "Does Your Baby Have Radar?"
  1. YES! lol My hubby and I talk about this all the time. Babies definitely have radar- whether it's trying to take a shower, having couples time, eating... they just know. :D

  2. Um YES, my baby definitely has radar. Before I got to the part in your post about her knowing when you're about to eat I was thinking about that - my little boy always starts crying right when I'm about to sit down and eat! And I've been going all day without doing my hair or makeup, too. My husband will get home and I'm sure I look like a zombie mom. lol I don't know where the day goes... oh wait, yes I do! Diaper changes, playing with baby, FEEDING (nursing is really time consuming), changing clothes, laundry... that's not even including my toddler. lol

    You are not alone!


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