Pregnancy Brain

If you wonder why I haven't been consistently posting, it's because I am suffering from what people term "pregnancy brain."  Quite literally.  Lately, I have done some very stupid things.  Things that I normally wouldn't do.  And since I'm preoccupied with so many different issues lately, I just haven't had the time to devote to blogging.

Today, I'll share with you one of those "pregnancy brain" moments that I am incredibly upset and embarassed about.

My sweet hubby came home with a surprise for me.  He said that he got an upgrade for his phone since his old one was pretty much dead and that he was able to get me a phone for free.  One of those special deals since our contract expired.  I was excited because this phone was not only pretty, but also very fun to play with since it had a slide out keyboard.  And since it was free, I couldn't object!

So I put aside my old phone (which I had to borrow from my in-laws because my last phone got chewed by my dog, which is a whole 'nother story!) and happily started using the new one.  And loved it!

I kept this phone with me wherever I went just in case I got a phone call from my son's school.  I was waiting for a teacher to call and I also want to make sure I'm available in case my son misses the school bus so I can pick him up (he has had to call me a few times because of after school activities being cancelled).  My pregnant brain thought I was doing a GOOD thing.

After I had picked up my son from school, I bustled around the house cleaning up messes, threw in some laundry and went about my usual day.  One of the things I threw in was the shorts I'd been wearing since I was doing dark colors and they needed to be washed.

Then I thought about my phone....Where had I put that thing?

In panic mode, I ran around the house (if you can call waddling like a penguin really running) looking in all the usual places that I might put my phone down.  It was nowhere to be found.   My son and my mom (who was visiting with us) joined in the scavenger hunt.  I retraced my steps to the mailbox, from the car, the counter....no luck.

Then I thought about the washing machine....so I stopped it mid-cycle, removed clothes and looked in pockets.  Didn't see it.  So I hit the washer cycle again, and started the "where did I put that thing" hunt all over again.  I had pretty much decided that it would turn up eventually.

Which it did:  when I went to put the clothes into the dryer.  There it was, my shiny new phone in the bottom of the washing machine.  And you can pretty much guess the rest.  I had that phone for not even a week.

Do things like this ever happen to you?  I'm chalking it up to pregnancy brain.  And using my old phone (and keeping it out of my pockets!).

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  1. OMG!! I haven't been a great blogger these past few months and I just found out you are pregnant!! Congrats to you!!

    Oh yeah, I have done crazy stuff while pregnant. I have even gotten a little crazy. Though I still do stuff like that and I am not even pregnant.

    Congrats again:D

  2. Hi I'm your newest follower =)

    Follow back?


  3. I totally did not know that you are pregnant! I've been out of it due to "pregnancy brain" too! Please come over and link this up to my pregnant party!

  4. oh no! lol I haven't done that yet but I did call my obstetrician when thinking I was calling my gp to make an appointment to get a referral to my obstetrician. At least the receptionist had a laugh.

  5. Thanks for linking up! I'm trying to get more people, so make sure you tell any pregnant friends!

  6. I wasnt pregnant when i did this exact thing with my shiny new phone!! in my defence though i was home from the hospital were i had left my traumatized child for a quick bite and to put my stinky clothes in the wash before i quickly showered and left again to go back to the hospital before i left while i was searching for the phone i saw this weird light coming from my kitchen turned out it was the phones last swan song in lights as it went round and round in the front loader machine :-( my hubby was NOT impressed!

  7. I have done stuff like that pretty much every day lately! I lost my keys, phone, etc. Usually they are in plain sight! So frustrating. I feel like every little task requires the utmost concentration.

  8. Bummer, I hate pregnancy brain...

  9. Poor shiny phone... Great story though! I dropped things a lot with my 1st pregnancy. Sounds like you only have a few weeks left though--then you can blame it on hormones and lack of sleep!


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