Bah Humbug Me Thinks I smell Like Scrooge

I was having a discussion with some of my friends the other day that got me thinking.  One of my friends brought up how the Grinch was coming on t.v. and that Christmas music was beginning to play all day on the radio.  She was all excited to be in the holiday spirit.  To which I replied, "Bah Humbug!"

Now, I love Christmas and it's one of my all time favorite holidays.  But I'm weary of all the commercialization of Christmas that starts as soon as Halloween.  Whatever happened to enjoying one holiday before preparing for the next?  I mean, do we really want to see Christmas trees next to the chocolate bars and Halloween masks?

So I told my friends that I am not going to be acknowledging Christmas music or holiday movies until the day after Thanksgiving.  If that makes me a Scrooge, then so be it.  I would like to enjoy a time of thanksgiving, turkey, and relaxation with my family and then I will get into the Christmas mood.

What do you think?  How do you feel about Christmas music playing in stores and on radio stations, holiday movies starting before Thanksgiving and Christmas trees appearing as early as Halloween?

2 comments on "Bah Humbug Me Thinks I smell Like Scrooge"
  1. I am already in the Christmas spirit, listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies :) We don't get our Christmas tree till Black Friday, and that is also when we start Christmas shopping.


  2. I love Christmas but I agree with you: too much too soon! I wait until late November, early December to get into the Christmas spirit.



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