They Wanna Put That WHERE?

Here I am going into week 29 of my pregnancy. It has been a very busy time going to dr.'s appointments, coordinating my son's school activities, and trying to get the usual things done.

One of the not so fun parts about being pregnant is having to deal with needles. When you are 28 weeks, you are supposed to have the usual Glucose test. But some people also need to have a Rhogam shot because of their blood work. And I got to be one of those lucky people. Not only did I have to get 4 vials of blood drawn (between the Glucose test and the antibody check I have every few weeks) and get stuck TWICE (apparently I have small veins and the first few sticks didn't work!), I also had to have a shot.

When I went into the room to get my shot, I asked if I could have it in my other arm since my right arm already had some needle sticks. To my surprise, she said "No, this one goes in your buttocks."


Ok, I don't remember having it THERE when I was pregnant the first time. I think I would definitely remember that.

I was totally not prepared for this. I have to get myself mentally ready for things like shots and blood draws and I'm usually fine as long as I don't watch or know exactly when the shot's going in. Otherwise, I tense up and make it worse for myself. And I'll admit it, I'm totally a wimp when it comes to any kind of pain, even it if it's small.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it still hurt and burned going in. Not to mention the soreness trying to sit down for a day or so. And the humiliation of having to do this in the first place. After all, when you're pregnant, you really don't want people seeing your back side if they don't have to. But I guess you have to throw all modesty out the window. Because later on, there's a whole lot more than just dropping your pants for a shot.

Ah, the joys of pregnancy! Like my doctor said, women wouldn't go through all this if it weren't for the end product. I can't wait to look into my little girl's eyes! She is totally worth all this.

4 comments on "They Wanna Put That WHERE?"
  1. Congratulations Shelly! I was so shocked to hear you are pregnant..........a little girl you must be thrilled!

    When are you due and what will her name be? Sorry to hear about the tribulations you have to go through but like you said it's worth it in the long run.

    Take care and best of luck :o)

  2. On dear! I didn't know they did it there, either! The joys of pregnancy. :)

    I'm going to have a Pregnant Party next week, and I'd love to have you link this up!

  3. Aww, poor gal. I tell ya, us woman have so much to deal with in the pregnancy department that's for sure! Hope your bum feels better :)

  4. I had to have the Rhogam shot too and was surprised that it had to be on the cheeks ;) The flu shot was worse! My arm hurt for days and it gave me a backache.
    I hit 37 weeks tomorrow :)


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