Attention Nicholas Sparks fans


You've probably seen all the commercials on t.v. about the movie starring Miley Cyrus. I am a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks and I definitely love the movies based on his books.

Before you watch the movie, why not read the book?

Libby at Libby's Library News is giving away 3 copies of The Last Song. For all of you Nicholas Sparks fans, you will want to enter! The giveaway ends April 26th.

3 comments on "Attention Nicholas Sparks fans"
  1. I just reviewed the movie on my blog today! I did expect a little more, since he wrote the screenplay first.

  2. Love Nicholas Sparks books, but I'm SO disappointed they cast Miley Cyrus in it---ugh!!

  3. I just finished that book.. I had to give it back to the library.. I will have to go and see if I can win it..


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