Happy St. Patrick's Day

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St. Patrick's Day holds many memories for me growing up. I remember my dad making me a birthday cake that had PB&J in the middle, cool whip frosting and green cherries. (Yes, I'm Irish and born on St. Patty's Day but they didn't name me Patty). We'd watch Darby O'Gill and The Little People when it came on t.v. I'd wear a leprechaun hat and shamrock glasses or some other funky outfit. And I'd never get pinched because I always wore something green.

It also brings back memories of my dad's mom singing "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" when we came to visit her in the nursing home. I always think of her when I hear that song.

I couldn't find a Celtic Woman version of the song, but I did find one of my other favorite songs "Over the Rainbow."

Do you have any special St. Patrick's Day memories or traditions?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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    and St. Patty's
    Cooking and Guinness.. Today I was asked to make soda bread, a few dishes that have Guinness in them, and a caramelized Guinness sauce for the ice cream.. Otherwise it's about having fun silly times and wearing green...

  2. Happy Birthday!!!

    I remember my mom always making the corned beef and cabbage on St. Pat's Day and some sort of special dessert. She would encourage us to make decorations, so we would get the markers and paper out and make huge signs with Happy St. Patrick's Day on them. Honestly, you would think we were Irish - nope.

  3. Happy Paddys Day !
    I'm a Brazilian living in Ireland,
    We went to the Dublin City Centre today, I've already post pictures about it in my blog!
    Welcome to the club!
    Following your blog from MBC,
    When you have time, please check out my blog and follow me back?



  4. I nearly forgot... Happy Birthday!!!
    La breatha shona dhuit !

  5. Very cool and Happy birthday!

    love to you

  6. Found your blog on MBC. I'm following you now on your blog, Facebook and Twitter. I would love it if you would follow me too:


    I've also added your button to my site.


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