Snowmageddon 2010


This weekend dumped approx. 30" of snow upon these here parts. Can you believe it? They have fondly named this blizzard Snowmageddon. Some people have even called it Snowpocalypse.

We shoveled at least 5 times between Friday night and Saturday night. My hubby shoveled again Sunday afternoon.

School's out for two days. Not sure if they'll be out longer. Many people have lost power (thankfully, ours has stayed on). The main roads are passable if you have an SUV or a truck. But it feels like you're traveling on a washboard. And the side streets...those are pretty much try at your own risk.

And grocery stores are jammed. Again. Because guess what....

We're expecting another 8-12" to fall on us starting tonight!

But oh, snow is so beautiful!

3 comments on "Snowmageddon 2010"
  1. I need to get out today while the gettin's good, lol. The kids have a 90 min delay assuming no school tomorrow and a 4 day weekend for Presidents....where is Spring?!?!

  2. We are right there with you - OMG it's NUTS isn't it? Another 10+ inches where the HECK will we put it all...ugh!

    Good luck tonight/tomorrow I hope you all keep fareing well!

  3. Brrr...but the pics I have seen in the blogosphere are amazingly beautiful. Take care and stay warm.


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