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Each week Jen from Mommy's Online Garage Sale and I feature a mom owned business. This is a great way to network and get the word out about your product(s).

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This weeks featured Seller is Sheila from Aventine Hill Bath Emporium. Awake the mind, spirit, body and soul with her all natural products.

Our Mission Statement:
Aventine Hill Bath Emporium is a family owned company committed to creating only the highest quality bath and body products. Dedicated to utilizing natural and organic materials, we seek out only the finest and purest botanicals and ingredients, therefore insuring the high quality end result of each product.

Products Offered

Our creations are made from a variety of natural and organic herbs, botanicals, essential oils, clays, Dead Sea Salts and Himalayan Sea Salts. We make it a point to never use parabens in our product lines out of genuine concern for our customers health. We sell a variety of beautiful products which include:

Herbal Cleansing Grains
Clay Facial Masks
Smooth and Silky Hand and Body Lotion
Facial Steams
Bath Teas
Bath Salts
Milk Bath Salts
Handcrafted Natural Soaps
Bath Gels
*We also sell gift baskets and spa bag gift sets!

Combination Skin - Cleans & Exfoliates - Clay Facial Mask 2.5 oz
was $9.50 now $7.50
Save: 21% off

Interview with Aventine Hill:

What is your name?

What is the name of your Store?

Aventine Hill Bath Emporium

How long have you been selling?
2 years

What is your Feedback Score?
I don't sell on eBay or other auction sites

What is your top selling item or category?
Lotions and Soaps

Do you have "discount sales" in your store?
Yes, monthly.

Is shipping included in your prices? If not how do you calculate?
By weight unless there are "specials".

Do you have a refund policy or are all sales final?
Sale items are final, but I will work with anyone to rectify a situation however I've never had a "situation".

What is your preferred method of payment?

How did you find your niche?
My daughter has a peanut allergy plus the girls and I tend to have rashes, bumps and breakouts with store bought items so we decided that if we wanted the best we would have to make it ourselves.

Where do you advertise?
Mostly word of mouth as well as online and local shows.

Do you have a Blog, Facebook Fan Page or Twitter Account? If so please include links for each.
Our Blog can be found here
Our FaceBook Page can be found here
Our Twitter Page can be found here  
Please be sure to become a Follower, Fan or Tweeter we appreciate your support!

When do you find the time to tend to your store?
The good thing about working at home is that I can tend to business whenever necessary.

Do you work outside of the home, if so what is your occupation?

Are you married and where do you live?
Yes, Seven Hill, Ohio (near Cleveland)

How many children do you have?
3 teenagers

If you create your items what inspires you?

My Senses, everything must be pretty to the eyes, nose and touch.

As a Seller what is your best piece of advice for others?
Don't give up!

What else should Reader’s know about you?
I'm a good person, honest and genuine.

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