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Today's "Mompreneur" is Vilate from Nifty Nappy: Growing up Green. Below you will see one of her top selling items along with an interview on how Nifty Nappy became a reality for Vilate.

Organic Nifty Nappy/Woolie Wrap Combo

Would you like to put your mind at ease about the things you put on your baby’s bum? This diaper is for you. This is my 100% Organic diaper. This new addition to the shop is a sure fire way to try out the Organic Nifty Nappy. I know you will love your new Organic Nifty Nappy paired with a Woolie Wrap. I am so confident in this combo that I am offering you a chance to try it with no worries.

If you *try this combo and don’t love it you can send it back!

This combo will last your little one through the night and the sheets will still be dry! :)

This diaper is anly avaliable in the owl print right now.

Since I make my wool covers from thrift store sweaters and 110% wool I can’t list Fabric Selections. If you will pick a gender though, I will make an appropriate cover for you.

*see my Policies FAQS

Nifty Nappy MAKE-UP: BODY: -Outer layer: Organic cotton knit *makes for adorable baby bums! -Sandwich layer: Organic Hemp fleece *very absorbent -Inside layer: Organic Bamboo velor *absorbent and super soft! LAY IN INSERT: -Organic Hemp Fleece -Organic Bamboo Velor fold in half lay in diaper BAMBOO/HEMP INFORMATION: Organic Bamboo is 70% Bamboo / 30% Cotton Organic Hemp is 45% Hemp / 55% Cotton These make the Nifty Nappy... Super absorbent with less bulk Anti-bacterial Anti-microbial Very durable Wool info: What's the deal on wool....? Wool is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, which helps it not to retain odors and a natural fire retardant. It can absorb up to 40% of its weight in liquid and it allows the body to breathe. These qualities of wool make it an excellent choice for a natural and oh so comfy diaper cover. Cost savings $$$ - PANTS and DIAPER COVER in one! Wool has the wonderful ability to regulate body temperature, it will keep your child warm in winter and cool in summer. Making it the perfect choice for diaper covers any time of the year. Used for generations! IMPORTANT: Wool is only as effective as the amount of absorption you have underneath the cover. The wool needs time to "react" or time to be able to absorb and breathe. If not enough absorption is used then cover will not work as well and you will feel wetness. I use wool for my children and just love using a natural product that has all of these amazing qualities - my children totally enjoy using wool covers, so much more comfy than any other kind of cover - your babies will thank you! You must wash/re-lanolize your cover every few weeks, (or when poo'd on) depending on use. Please allow to air dry between uses. SUGGESTIONS: Sunning the diapers Using Tea Tree oil in the wash and your wipe solution Double soakers at night for a heavy wetter Skirt and legwarmers are adorable too!


Interview with Nifty Nappy:

What is your name?


What is the name of your Store?
Nifty Nappy: Growing up Green

How long have you been selling?

2 years

What is your Feedback Score?

204 on Etsy

What is your top selling item or category?

Fitted Diapers

Do you have "discount sales" in your store?

Yes, whenever I feel like it.

Is shipping included in your prices? If not how do you calculate?

I use Priority Mail and have free shipping on my big sets.

Do you have a refund policy or are all sales final?

Yes, 100% refund.

What is your preferred method of payment?


How did you find your niche?

I started selling jewelry and crocheted hats in my Etsy Shop but with all of the competition my shop was lost. I decided to sell my diapers and it bloomed from there

Where do you advertise?

I don't pay for advertising, right now it's word-of-mouth, Twitter and other Mommy Blogs.

Do you have a Blog, Facebook Fan Page or Twitter Account? If so please include links for each.

Yes, @MyNiftyNappy
Blogger ~ Nifty Nappy
Etsy ~ Vilates Nifty Nook

When do you find the time to tend to your store?

I find I do my business in the morning and at night after I've put the kiddos to bed.

Do you work outside of the home, if so what is your occupation?

No, I'm a SAHM

Are you married and where do you live?

Yes and we live on a farm in a small town in Utah.

How many children do you have?


As a Seller what is your best piece of advice for others?

Use the resources that are out there.

What else should Reader’s know about you?

I have a lot of little hobbies I love to do. I love to scrapbook, sew for my kids, crochet and craft. I want to learn to knit. I am obsessed with anything wool........yarn, upcycled sweaters, spinning it, and fabrics. One of my favorite things is for a Mama tell me how much I have helped her in some aspects of her life. I love to see pix of babies sporting my Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers or a pair of Nifty Knickers.

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