I'm Beginning to Think That Gopher Was Right!

We're heading into Snowmageddon Redux as I type this. I am scheduling this post in case we lose power. They are calling for 12-20" with this storm. I am hoping that they are wrong. With the 30" we already have, where are we going to put it all?

My son is out of school the rest of the week. My hubby is home from work too. I doubt that we'll be going anywhere for several days as we dig out AGAIN...

Here are some more photos from Snowmageddon part 1.

Front of the house by driveway

Our mailbox

Our back steps; You can see part of our heat pump on the left. Yep, it's frozen!

Our backyard playhouse/cottage

I hope that wherever you are, you are safe and warm!

11 comments on "I'm Beginning to Think That Gopher Was Right!"
  1. Wow! Even though I grew up in snowy upstate NY and spent 5 years in even more snowy Iowa, everyone's photos of the latest snow still amaze me!

  2. Right there hanging on with you though this - we had 2 feet, and now there's another at least 10 inches on top of that - the wind here is what's really bad...hope your still doing well!

  3. Wow, MORE snow on the way? It looks like the arctic now. Best wishes. Stay warm and safe.

  4. Wow! That playhouse looks so neat with all that snow on it. I hope you will have a great time all cooped up, enjoy eachother!

  5. WOW! I know it's a real pain to have so much snow, but it's so beautiful at the same time. Actually, today in Northeast Texas we're getting our first snow for this year. Expecting 2-4 inches, which is a lot for us. Enjoyed your photos.

  6. Wow! We got next to zip here in Canada where I live. Something good to say about living in Hamilton. Mild winters.

  7. hi shelly,
    i think you redid your site? love it! i hope it wasn't a zillion years ago and i am just now noticing.. i've been uber busy with life, my new biz http://theuntraditionaltopiary.blogspot.com/and my newest blog www.thedcladies.blogspot.com but i'm stopping by after seeing your post on my google feed about the snow! i am soooo sick of this snow, we have 5 feet!!!! my husband has been stuck at home since friday, we lost power and had to get out by the grace of god to a hotel it has been awful! today he left to go to work and it's just me and my laptop so i'm checking in on blogging buddies, so hope you are well and warm!
    shelley :)

  8. Wow, amazing shots. That playhouse looks like something from a winter wonderland fairytale. I hope you don't lose power!

  9. Hi Shelly!

    WOW is all I can say!! We are still shoveling! Finally got the 30 inches off the deck :)

    Stay warm!

  10. OK I know everyone said it but I will say it again! WOW!! That is so beautiful! I don't like cold at all, but this would be worth seeing.

  11. We're with you! But I must say, that play cottage makes a great shot covered in snow! Hope you guys dug out & are staying safe & warm :)!


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