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Aloha Friday: Winter Olympics Fave


Here is how Aloha Friday works from Kailani's blog An Island Life:

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

I have enjoyed watching the winter Olympics this year! My favorite sport has been the women's figure skating. But I also have enjoyed watching skiing as well.

My Question For You This Week: What is your favorite winter Olympic sport?

26 comments on "Aloha Friday: Winter Olympics Fave"
  1. Really any kind of skating works for me.

    Have a great day!

  2. I am not a huge olympics fan, my hubbs is. This year I have really liked the speed skating:O)

  3. Snowmobiling.

    We don't watch the olympics

    It's the greatest ever!

    I saw it last night, and I enjoyed watching the Korean skater perform and win the gold! It was great!

  5. I like watching Speed Skating, and Figure Skating. However I haven't watch any this year.

  6. I have not really gotten into the Olympics this year... not sure why. I usually like to watch the ice skating.

  7. Ice skating. I don't like winter sports much, but ice skating is captivating for a minute or two here and there.

  8. Mine is the figure skating but honestly I haven't kept up on the Olympics. I have been to busy with other things.

  9. I like Figure Skating, however I haven't watch any events this year.

  10. Oh my gosh, I love them all! It really has been fun watching the Olympics with my kids. They love it, even curling!

    I stopped by to welcome you to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITStahood!

  11. Hey girl so glad to see you've joined SITS! Officially stopping by to welcome you to the SITSahood :)

  12. Downhill skiing, but I confess, I didn't watch much of the Olympics this year. Swing by my blog~ you've been nominated for A Lovely Blog Awardhttp://allinaniowamomsday.blogspot.com/2010/02/lovely-blog-award-thanks.html

  13. I'm hooked on the skating as well. In fact, I'm watching the gold medalist skate in the showcase as I type this..

    Welcome to SITS. I know that you will enjoy being a part of this vibrant community of bloggers :-)

  14. I have an award for you on my blog. Come check it out!


  15. I like speed skating, reminds me of roller derby. Visiting from Sits!

  16. HI there,Im Shannon from Coupon Mommy of 2 with parenting, cloth diapers, coupons, reviews and giveaways. I found you through Happy Mom of 5. Hope you will come check out my blog here...


    Look forwarding to seeing you in the blogsphere


  17. Hi there, I found you through Happy Mom of 5. I currently review novels but am hoping to exand that something soon when I have time.

    I love to watch the skiing and snowboarding. Such drama!


  18. My favourite this year was a new one - ski cross! I also love the curling, ski jumping, super g... basically I just love winter sports :)

  19. PS did I forget to say welcome to SITS?! I think I got carried away in Winter Olympics-y goodness! (but I can't see my comment to check....)

  20. I loved skiing, snowboarding, figure skating, and speed skating. I've been an Olympic junkie. I'm sort of glad it's over now. I'm behind on all my other shows.

    I'm here from SITS. Welcome to our group.


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