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Wordless Wednesday: Eye See You


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19 comments on "Wordless Wednesday: Eye See You"
  1. that is such a cool picture!

  2. First I thought it was an owl and I had to do a Double Take. Beautiful picture!

  3. Like the picture.
    First though it freaked me out.
    Then it was cool.
    Now I'm just wondering what it is. (Please forgive my ignorance)
    I honestly DO like the picture. It is AWESOME...and the eyes feel like they are watching me though. :) LOL.
    Thanks for popping over to my site and glancing at my WW.

  4. Very cool shot! You can really see why they have those eye spots.

  5. So pretty, and kind of odd to see the way it's like an "eye" looking at us, though!

  6. What a cool pic! I like the twist on words ;0)

  7. I love that! What a wonderful shot :)

  8. What a neat looking photo!

  9. Ooh, that's a neat picture. Very unique take.

  10. How cool!

    Thanks for stopping by the other day to wish me a happy blogiversary!


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