Girls Need a Night Out


Have you heard of "Virtual Girls Night Out" aka VGNO? No? Well Ann "hostest with the mostest" has a great blog hopping party where you can mingle with your bloggy friends.

I am in need of a night out. I don't know about you. Seems like there's a lot of bad news and sad things going on lately.

I like Ann's idea to play a game of thankfulness and to think about the happy things that are going on in our lives too.

I Would Like to Thank:

1) My husband for being the awesome guy that he is.
2) The basement sump pump for continuing to work. I forgive you for breaking and flooding my basement.
3) The sun coming out and warming things up today. I needed to get outside and feel the sun on my face!

Want to come hang out with the girls? Stop by Ann's VGNO, link up, and blog hop with me. It's fun, it's free, and it's the place to be (if you're at home like me)!

12 comments on "Girls Need a Night Out"
  1. Ok that's it I am going to this thing.. I need a night out and I only have one child at home tonight lol..

  2. I have not played in a long time.. I should..

  3. We've had a couple of days of sun too. And it has been sooo enjoyable. I'm hoping that it continues through the weekend...

    Happy VGNO!

  4. Yes I should and will later go....great post

  5. Oh I am totally with you on your list. I remember when our sump pump went out when I still lived at home.....hoooo boy was that a mess! It happened a couple times and it turned out the builders had installed it incorrectly, like upside down or something lol...and I really need the sun, I can get so depressed during the winter, the sun makes all the difference! Happy VGNO =)

  6. Shelly, you're fantastic!

    Your "thankful" list is so real and true. Love it.

    (And about loving anything Jane Austen related... have you read "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"? I haven't read it and I'm just not sure about it.)

    Happy VGNO!!!

  7. I have awarded you an award! Please stop by and pick it up here!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Here's something else to be happy about.. you've won my Tom's of Maine $100 giveaway! Please watch out for my email (sent today, Jan. 16) and respond within 48 hrs. to confirm acceptance. Congratulations!

  9. Well, my mom was just complaining that it bothered her I "seemingly" NEVER did anything with anyone EVER. So, maybe I should try this out. :)

    *Saw your button on Shell's blog. Really cute site. I love sunflowers!

  10. Those are some great things to be thankful for! I hope everything is getting better for you. You have been in my thoughts.

  11. We saw sun a little this week too. It makes me feel like we might just make it through the winter!

    The blog hop sounds fun. I'll have to give that a try when it's not so close to my bedtime!

  12. Visiting from Happy Mom of 5's Blog hop...I am going to go check out the Vgno it sounds fun.



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