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Friend Makin Monday: It's Hairy

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I haven't had a hair cut in months. This summer I think was the last time. It's getting kinda long and shaggy.

I try to go as long as possible without cutting my hair to save on moula. But if I could go get a haircut, I think I'd want to get this:

That is really straight hair, and mine's wavy, so maybe something like this:

What about you? If you could get your haircut, what would it look like? Head on over to Amber's blog to get other style ideas.

10 comments on "Friend Makin Monday: It's Hairy"
  1. I really like that first cut! Tres Chique!
    Go for it girl! I need a haircut too. Mind if i borrow some pics?;)

  2. OK at this point because I have horribly curly wavy thick hair bald would be my option lol... Although I love the seond one if mine would ever manage to lay like that without kinking up on me

  3. I know what you mean about getting haircuts. I get one only about every six months. Which I hate. I am getting one today, yay! I haven't had one since the summer either. I have it pretty good though because one of my best friends from high school is a trendy hairstylist. Today we are getting together with a few other friends and having a hair party. Where she cuts and foils our hair at one of my friends houses and we only pay her like $20 each. Luckily she doesn't mind doing the work for her friends for so cheap. What she does for me she would usually charge $130 bucks at her salon. The only downside is that I never get the salon treatment. I have to wash my own hair in someones bathtub and beg her to blow dry it for me. But all in all a steal for $20 and I get to hang with the girls. I wish I could do it more often but I live about 80 miles from all of my friends so I go up when I can.

    I hope you get your haircut soon :)

  4. The first is my favorite, super cute!!
    Have a great day

  5. I like the first one for sure. I need a new look. I did that review too. So I will not enter. It was fun too. Have a great day.

  6. Both those looks are great. I also wait quite awhile between haircuts. I can't wait until I'm rich one day and can get my hair done more frequently.

    Happy Friend Makin Monday!

  7. I ditto sinwingedangel up there. My haor is so curly and frizzy that It would never ever stay! But I love your choices. Happy FMM!

  8. I'd like the body of the first too! lol!

  9. Oh, I love both pictures!!

    Happy FMM!


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