Time Out For Theta Mom Thursday


Yes! Heather is back with another Theta Mom Thursday after transferring her blog over to Wordpress. Missed you Heather!

This was my week:

I've been working like crazy trying to advertise our store. Looking at blogs and drooling over their cool designs. Tweaking my Christmas theme on my own blog. Taking the dog out. Watching my hubby slave over our Thanksgiving meal at home.

(Wait, you say, your hubby made the Thanksgiving meal?? Yep! Because he's the most awesome hubby a girl could have! Oh, and I was afraid to poison my family with the turkey so it was better that he cooked.)

I spent a few days cleaning the house because I hate it when you have people over and your family can see dust bunnies and who knows what else lurking around. I tried to get caught up on all the laundry as well.

After all this "busy-ness" I chose to exercise for my time out.

I spent 20 minutes on my ellyptical and made my legs feel like sticks of concrete. Then I went and ate a snack because for some weird reason I'm always ravenous after I work out. I had a couple of chocolate covered cherries. Which probably defeated the purpose of the workout, but why not? It's my time out and I'll eat if I want to.

What did you do for yourself this week?
7 comments on "Time Out For Theta Mom Thursday"
  1. So great to be back to see you, too! :) Exercising, you are so good. I really need to do more of that. Your design is so cute and festive! Sounds like you were very productive. ;)

  2. I really need to work out!

  3. I just went and bought a new pair of running shoes - yay! I got to talk to the shoe guy and he had some really good insights and after trying on several pairs, I found the perfect fit. I get to try them tomorrow :)

  4. I played mini-golf! But you know that 'cause you read my post. Thanks for stopping by! I'm your newest blog follower.

    You do have an awesome hubby. I agree with you I also feel hungry after I workout. Yep - you deserve some chocolate covered cherries. It's your time.

    p.s. I like the Christmas tweaking you did.

  5. Hi Shelly, thanks for stopping by my blog! Good for you for squeezinf in a work out in the middle of your busy-ness! And thanks for stopping by!

  6. What a nice hubby. I am always hungry after I work out, too. When I used to smoke, I ironically always craved a cigarette after working out. Very strange!

  7. Lovin the christmas theme going on.... workout I think I know that word LOL.. hey I have been trying.

    Happy timeout thursday I know I am late but you know me always behind.. take care girlie.

    Until next time,
    stay @ home mom whoknew


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