Noah Built An Ark But I can't Find One at Walmart

We had a great Christmas filled with games, cookies, presents, Christmas movies and lots of love. I thought that we'd get through this holiday without incident.

Or so I thought.

The day after Christmas, Santa's mischievous elves decided to play a nasty trick on us. We were out spending a gift card and running a few errands. We came home, watched some more of our favorite t.v. show 24 on DVD, and then my hubby innocently walked down to the basement.

Next thing I knew, he was yelling up to me "Honey, there's water in the basement!"

He must have been joking, right? We've lived in this house over 2 years and it has been completely dry.

I didn't believe him, so I walked downstairs and walked into the basement and stepped into about 6 in. deep of water. I splashed around through it still in disbelief. Our basement was flooded.

We had 2 straight days of rain and snow melt and our sump pump decided to quit on us. We don't know when it started, but the damage was done.

Back out to Sears for some parts for the shop vac. Out to Home Depot for a part for the sump pump. Off to Walmart for some clean up bags and a mask for taking out the dry wall. Bye bye to my Christmas gift card. Too bad they don't sell arks at Walmart. It might have saved all of our stuff.

We lost scrapbooks, high school memories, photos, all of my teaching files, boxes of stuff and my basement office is now in shambles. No more carpet, flooring, or cabinets and counter space. The dry wall has to be removed up to a certain point and the cabinets and counters taken out because the carpet was installed first rather than after the shelving was put in.

It's 3 days later, and my hubby is still trying to rip out everything so we can start bleaching for mold. We can't afford to pay someone else to do this. The rest of our house is a mess because we've had to move what we could save upstairs and haven't figured out where to put it.

I'd like to ask Santa's elves to take back their little gift. Or to provide us with a time machine so we can go back to when the water started and prevent it. But I can't. So maybe I'll ask Walmart to start making arks. Think they will listen?

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  1. Oooooh Shelley!!! ((((Hugs)))) There is nothin worse than a flood in the basement!!! We've had two since we bought this house 4 years ago. Eeeeew I'm so sorry!! Bleach really does work great for mold prevention tho. My thoughts are def with you guys...oh man....

  2. aww.. im sorry to hear what happen...

    I would ask the same thing for you

  3. Oh no Shelley, that totally sucks!

    I am lovin your new background and page header. LOVE it mine will be done next week.... Mine looks like a mess..
    Happy New Year girl!

  4. Praying for you guys!!!!!!
    Sorry you are dealing with this.
    How awesome that your husband is able to do this himself!!
    I hope and pray that this will get worked out SOON!

  5. Oh Shelly....I feel so sorry for you! That is such a horrible thing to happen right after Christmas!

    A few years ago, I awoke to the sound of water running in my basement/play room. My hubby forgot to turn off the water supply (it was winter) and a pipe burst, and came through the ceiling fan! Needless to say, it was a mess. Luckily, we had good insurance and they paid for the clean-up and replacement of everything that was damaged.

    I hope everything works out for you!!


  6. Shelly, I'm so sorry. I hope it all gets taken care of quickly.

  7. Oh no, that is horrible! I'm so sorry that happened.

  8. How terribly horrible! 6" of water!!!! Good luck and keep up your spirits!

  9. I like the new look. Sorry about your basement!

  10. Oh no! We had this happen to us twice in a house we used to live in. Our insurance company took care of for us though luckily. We had a whole living room, office, laundry room, and play room that was destroyed. I hope you are able to save some of the more important stuff though.
    Here's hoping 2010 starts off better than 2009 is ending for you!

  11. Oh no!! I am so sorry this happened. Hang it there. You will get through it. *Hugs*

  12. I love your sunflowers:) And your writing style is fun, too. Happy New Year!

  13. Oh NO! Such bad timing. I'm so sorry you've lost special things. HOpe it never happens again.

  14. Shelly! That sucks! I am so sorry, {{Hugs}}

    Hopefully everything gets taken care of before the New Year!

  15. I have been gone way too long! I have missed you! I am loving the beautiful look! (though I shouldn't admit that it has been that long! I won't even give excuses!)
    Anyway, I hope 2010 starts off much better than 2009 is ending!

  16. Oh no! That's awful! I hope you've dried out by now!

  17. Oh that is so terrible that you lost memories and a whole lot more. What a terrible Christmas gift.

  18. What a cute blog! I look forward to reading it. Sorry about your basement. Hope things are cleaning up nicely for you. Thanks for checking out my blog. Following from MBC.

  19. We don't get that much but our floods almost every year. I feel for ya!

    Following from MBC!


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