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About the Author(from the publisher):

Debra White Smith is a seasoned Christian author, speaker, and media personality who has been regularly publishing books for a decade. She has written over fifty books with over one million books in print. Along with Debra's being voted a fiction-reader favorite several times, her book Romancing Your Husband was a finalist in the 2003 Gold Medallion Awards. And her Austen series novel First Impressions was a finalist in the 2005 Retailers Choice Awards.

Visit Debra's web site to find more great titles. She also has a page at Harper Collins.

My Review:

Texas Heat is the first in the series Lone Star Intrigue. The story opens with single mother Charli being arrested by her former boyfriend Jack Mansfield on embezzlement charges. Jack is the police chief of Bullard, Texas and has no choice but to carry out the arrest warrant, even though he doesn't believe that Charli is guilty.

Because he still has feelings for her, Jack decides to prove that Charli is innocent by hiring his brother Sonny who is a private-eye. Together they try to find out who has framed Charli. Along the way, Jack finds that this is a harder job than he thinks. Someone is trying to get rid of Charli.

I love Debra White Smith's easy writing style. She draws you into the characters and her stories are always full of great plot lines. I really felt for Charli since she was a single mom who had been abandoned by her husband and left to raise a five year old daughter. She regretted being swept off her feet by someone that she honestly didn't know very well. The love that she and Jack still carried over the years was very strong and I found myself wanting to prod them and get them together. This was a wonderful mystery full of twists and turns! You will not want to put this book down.

You can purchase a copy of this book at Harper Collins.

Special thanks to Debra White Smith for providing me with an autographed copy to review.

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