More Thank Yous!

I received some more cool awards from some bloggy friends this week.

I received this Kreative Blogger award from my friend Molly @ Book Reviews by Buuklvr81. You'll want to check out her latest book giveaway!

Along with this award, I am supposed to list 7 of my favorite things:

1. My Family
2. My pets
3. Books
4. Jane Austen movies
5. Sunflowers
6. Rocking chairs on porches
7. Museums

I also received this new award from Angel @ Angel Believes. I just recently discovered her blog; she writes about family, being a mom, and about her faith.

With this award, I am to be honest about 10 things in my life:

1. You probably already know this, but I love books! I could browse for days in a bookstore. If I bought all the books I want to read, I think I'd be in the poor house.

2. I'm a nerd and probably always will be.

3. I'm pretty introverted by nature, but once you get to know me you'll probably wish that I stopped talking!

4. If I had the opportunity, I'd probably go back to school and earn my Masters to become a children's librarian. I think it would be wonderful to be surrounded by the things I love all day.

5. I've always wanted to write a novel. I'm hoping maybe some day I will.

6. I'm a Mountain Dew addict. You don't want to see me in the morning without it!

7. This list is making me think too much. And I'm not a morning person. I haven't had enough Mountain Dew flowing through my veins to come up with something humorous and creative. Drat!

I am passing this award onto:

Jen @ The Thrifty Home
Tricia @ Five Little Monkeys
Sarah @ 8 Muddy Boots
Brittanie @ A Book Lover
Vanessa @ A Military Wife's Mahem
Blue Violet @ A Nut in a Nutshell
Annissa Rae @ A Page In My Book

Thank you friends for the awesome awards!

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9 comments on "More Thank Yous!"
  1. your very welcome now how did you get the pic to show up?? I could not figure that one out lol...

  2. Congrats on your awards! I adore rocking chairs, especially rocking chairs on porches.

  3. Congrats on the well-deserved awards!!

  4. Congratulations on your awards and thank you so much for mine!!!

    Your Mountain Dew is my Diet Dr. Pepper! :)

  5. Thank you so much!! I'm so excited to recieve this award!

  6. I just found your blog via "BookBlogs" and I am so excited. your blog is soo cute! :) it's fun to find new people to follow and "chat" with...and when you love books all the better! :) Cant wait to learn/read more!

  7. lovley Blog. I'm sure you will write that book (or two) one day! Good luck.

    Visiting from FFF on MBC,

    Claire McFee

    Organize Your Life Organizers

  8. Thanks for the award!! I'm just now getting to it, I haven't been on my blog much lately :( But I'm catching up with all the important stuff the past few month :) I have collected my award and will be posting it later tonight. Thanks soooooooo much for it, I appreciate all the awards I get so much!


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