Wayne Thomas Batson & Christopher Hopper Presentation & Book Signing

Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper, both fantasy fiction authors, came to my son's school last Friday to kick off the release of their new book Curse of the Spider King. They gave a fun presentation to the students which included sword fighting, chapter reading from Wayne, and a song from Christopher. 

After the presentation, they signed books and talked with fans. I had the opportunity to help out at the book table and capture some photos from the event {sorry, the lighting wasn't great}.

Curse of the Spider King

Wayne Thomas Batson is a Reading and English middle school teacher here in Maryland. He is also a fantasy fiction author who has written the Door Within Trilogy (The Door Within, The Rise of the Wyrm Lord, and The Final Storm), and the Declan Ross Series: The Isle of Swords, and The Isle of Fire. You can find out more about Wayne Thomas Batson here.

Fantasy Fiction author

The White Lion Chronicles

Christopher Hopper is a youth pastor, a recording artist with Airefire Records, a music producer, and an author. He has written The White Lion Chronicles: Rise of The Dibor, The Lion Vrie, and Athera’s Dawn (due in 2010). You can find out more about Christopher Hopper here.

Wayne Batson and Christopher Hopper are co-writing The Berinfell Prophecies. Curse of the Spider King is the first book of this series.

Here is a summary of the book from the publisher:
To order this book on Amazon, click here.

Wayne Thomas Batson

The Seven succeeding Elven Lords of Allyra were dead, lost in the Siege of Berinfell as babes. At least that’s what everyone thought until tremors from a distant world known as Earth, revealed strange signs that Elven blood lived among its peoples. With a glimmer of hope in their hearts, sentinels are sent to see if the signs are true. But theirs is not a lone errand. The ruling warlord of Allyra, the Spider King, has sent his own scouts to hunt down the Seven and finish the job they failed to complete many ages ago.

Now 13-year-olds on the brink of the Age of Reckoning when their Elven gifts will be manifest, discover the unthinkable truth that their adoptive families are not their only kin. With mysterious Sentinels revealing breathtaking secrets of the past, and dark strangers haunting their every move, will the young Elf Lords find the way back to the home of their birth? Worlds and races collide as the forces of good and evil battle. Will anyone escape the Curse of the Spider King?

Curse of the Spider King

If you know a tween or a teen fantasy fiction fan, you will want to check out both of these great authors! These are wonderful adventure stories with a message of faith.

The White Lion Chronicles

Thank you to Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper for giving of your time to come to my son's school. My son says he is your #1 fan!

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Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for this post. I am writing this to share with my readers and with permission of the authors. Any opinions expressed are my own.

5 comments on "Wayne Thomas Batson & Christopher Hopper Presentation & Book Signing"
  1. They made it fun with their costuming!

  2. That's so awesome they came there to promote their new book! Wish they were in MN!!

    ~Mimi from Mom Blogger

  3. Very neat that those authors spoke at your son's school. It sounds like they have a great presentation and really knew their audience. It had to be so exciting for the kids to meet authors of books they actually enjoy reading.

  4. First, I LOVE your blog!

    Second--great post. I will have to see if my step daughter would like this book--it sounds like something she would love.

  5. This is my first time by your site and I must say first I am impressed with the number of followers you've acquired!

    Wayne Thomas Batson endorsed my Christian fantasy novel "Swords of the Six" Maybe I should come by your son's school sometime. If you are interested just pop by my site and send me an email.

    God bless!


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