Top Ten Thursday: Pass the Popcorn & Hand Over the Remote!

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This Week's Top 10 List:

My Favorite Movies that May Never Win An Oscar but They're My Favorite So They Gotta Be Good!

1. Pride & Prejudice: The 2005 version with Keira Knightley; she's a wonderful actress even if the story isn't quite an accurate Austen remake.

2. Anne of Green Gables: My absolute favorite story about an orphan girl who lives on Prince Edward Island in Canada and gets into some mischief. I love love love this movie!

3. Love Comes Softly: I love the book series by Janette Oake & this is my favorite movie in the series.

4. Lucas: I used to have a major crush on Charlie Sheen in my teen years and this was the first Charlie Sheen movie I saw.

5. Curly Sue: A cute movie with Jim Belushi and another favorite that my mom & I used to watch over and over together.

6. A Christmas In Connecticut: Barbara Stanwyck 1945 version; my mom & I used to watch that every Christmas together when I was a teen.

7. The Boy Who Could Fly: A girl meets an autistic boy who thinks he can fly and he does. I believed that just maybe I could fly too. Even if I am afraid of heights and would never jump off a roof.

8. A Simple Twist of Fate: This is one of my favorite Steve Martin movies! It is based on the book Silas Marner.

9. Little Women: I read Little Women at least 20 times. I love the 1933 version with Katherine Hepburn as well as the 1994 version with Wynona Ryder.

10. The Goonies: Definitely a classic of teen angst and pirate treasure and humor rolled into one!

What are your favorite movies that you could watch over and over again?

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5 comments on "Top Ten Thursday: Pass the Popcorn & Hand Over the Remote!"
  1. Goonies and Lucas. Great movies! I had such a crush on Charlie Sheen in the flick, too.

  2. I have plans to re-watch P&Prejudice tonight (Keira's version). Also, Goonies is a big time family fave.

  3. I LOVE Curly Sue!! I watched it over and over and over again when I was little. I used to sing the national anthem at the top of my lungs, while standing on my bed and pretend I was sue!!!

  4. fun meme...i was searching for good thursday meme..


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