Time Out for Theta Mom Thursday & Thankful Thursday

I'm going to combine my Theta Mom Thursday with my Thankful Thursday today. My Theta Mom story coincides with what I am thankful for this week.

I have been pretty busy helping my son with his science project the past few weeks. Since he was with his dad this past weekend, we didn't have a lot of time to work on it before it's due date (which is tomorrow). We had to collect 20 bugs, look up their scientific names by class and species, and mount them on poster board. Let me tell you, this may sound pretty simple, but it's pretty time consuming when you have a shared custody schedule.

That project has kept me pretty busy (and my husband too, since I have asked him to help out a lot with the buggy end of this project, and as you might know from reading my blog, I am very fearful of spiders & they needed to be caught for this)!

In between laundry, cleaning, cooking, working, advertising and going buggy, I found some time to sit down and watch some television all by myself. I watched one of my favorite shows (that got canceled sniff sniff) Gilmore Girls. It was nice to watch something girly & laugh at the mother/daughter wit.

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

Now, onto the thankful part of my post. You have no idea how thankful I am that we are nearly done with that bug project! I have had the heebie-jeebies for quite a while knowing that some spiders were sitting in containers in my home and there was the possibility of escape when my hubby opened the lid. ACK! It gives me the creeps just thinking about it right now! Not to mention the crickets, millipedes, beetles, & stink bug corpses in my china cabinet (kept there to keep the cat from trying to snack on them).

Tomorrow we turn in the project and I am so very THANKFUL that I will no longer have bugs in my house!

So, what have you done for yourself this week? Have you gone buggy too?

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15 comments on "Time Out for Theta Mom Thursday & Thankful Thursday"
  1. I used to teach in an elementary school and I remember those science projects well! We would get such a kick out of them and the parents were always going crazy, trying to help the kids finish on time! Your time out was well deserved...I actually never watched that show, but glad you had some chill time! Thanks again for playing along, even though I was so lame this week! ;)

  2. ROFL omg girl. I would have freakn out I hate spiders and bugs. I probably couldn't sleep at all. You are definitely brave.

    So glad my boys didn't have to do anything like that I would have died.

    Happy Time Out thursday!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I HATED that project!!! We had that too growing up. UGH. I always stayed VERY far away from spiders. It was really weird because I found some awesome looking bugs just dead around our garage for that one...

    I'm glad that the bugs are out of your house!!

  4. I always stayed far away from bugs and spiders too.
    I'm glad you had a great time.
    Happy Thursday!

  5. UGH. Yucky bugs. You know, when we visit the zoo, I always wonder about those assassin bugs. What happens if they get out?? And don't guarantee me that they don't zoo people, because accidents have happened!!

    Glad you had a good time!

  6. This is pretty funny. I had a friend do this for her girl and they showed me their board and the bugs, and I got all jittery inside.

    BTW, I love your blog design. Simply beautiful. xox

  7. Okay...if we have that project, my kids are ON THEIR OWN! AND, they will have to keep it in the garage!

  8. That project was torture! I hate bugs and I refused to do it! Come to think of it I don't remember if I ever did the project!
    Glad that you had a moment to yourself and enjoy!

  9. I love the new blog look!!!

    I loathe bugs! You are so brave. Your time out is well deserved and super cool! I was addicted to the Gilmore Girls. So sad it ended :(

    Thank goodness the science project is due tomorrow and that you got a chance to watch an episode of the coolest/girliest shows ever.

  10. Great post! I'm excited I stopped by here:-)

  11. As long as there aren't snakes involved, I think I would be fine with the project.

    I gave you an award today on my blog! :D

  12. I've done lots of science projects, but never one with spiders. You get my vote for mother of the year!


  13. Hi--I'm from MBC's follow me club. Your site is beautiful! A major WOW! I look forward(?) to a similar project with my son and congratulate you on your perseverence with this one. I'm already worried about the camping trip that his class has in May so I can relate. Come by my sites--www.cheesedoffhf.blogspot.com

  14. I faved your blog on technorati. My id is atticgirl.


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