Not Me Monday: Whip Lash From A Leash & No Sleep=Cranky Mom!


It's that time again, when we confess to all the things we did not do this week.

My hubby & I decided to go to the park with our dog Oreo to take a walk in the beautiful weather this weekend. We met a lady with a small pit bull along the path. Since our dog gets along really well with other dogs, we let Oreo say hello to the pit bull. What a mistake.

The pit bull was sopping wet from playing at the doggy beach. It may have been hyped up on too many dog treats too for all I know. It got overly excited after rubbing noses with Oreo and its owner didn't anticipate how strong her pit bull can be.

I did not suddenly find myself nearly tripping over a dog leash. I also did not try to step over this dog leash while the dear pit bull maneuvered around my legs and tried to jump on Oreo and bark. I also did not feel like I was trapped in a game of Chinese jump rope where the dog turned out to be the winner.

My legs did not get whip lash behind my knees with 3" wide cuts that burned. I did not walk away calmly from the scene and then yelp in pain further on down the path and grumble about people who can't control their pets. Because weird things like this never happen to me. I am skillfully trained in the arts of leash jumping and tae-kwon-dog.

I also did not wake up at least 5 times during the night and wince in pain from the sheets scraping against my cuts. My son did not get up at some point in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and forget to turn off the light. That said light did not blind me at 4 AM when my hubby got up. I did not get up at 5:50 AM feeling like a zombie in Michael Jackson's Thriller video. I always hop out of bed early in the morning when I've had interrupted sleep!

No, not me!

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7 comments on "Not Me Monday: Whip Lash From A Leash & No Sleep=Cranky Mom!"
  1. Ouch! I laughed at your post. I vividly imagined you jumping through the leash!

  2. I know that hurts! I have TWO HUGE DOGS, so I get that all the time. But, I usually end up on my rear!

  3. Oh..... Those looks very painful. Anything on the leg is always hard, because they are always bumping into things. Hope you get some better sleep soon! Thanks for stopping my my NMM!

  4. OWWW! that happened to my mom once when she was pet sitting our oh so well behaved dogs! hope you heal quickly!

  5. OUCH...that was some mishap..
    Sure hope you cuts get better soon.
    Thanks for visiting me:)

  6. humm...I did not feel not feel exasperated at Baby Boy as he threw thing out of the grocery cars faster than I could put them in.

    Great post!

  7. OUCH!!! I sure hope those wounds heal quickly.


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