Time Out For Theta Mom Thursday 9/3


Theta Mom Thursday is all about YOU! According to Heather at Theta Mom "the goal is to grab one hour of time within one week to do whatever you want…without the kids. It’s such an amazing proposition, I know! On Thursdays, post how you spent your “time out”.

Well, back to school started this week for us. It's been a couple of busy days of getting into the routine of driving 30-40 minutes each way to drop off and pick up my son at school. And the adjustment so far to getting into an afternoon routine has been great. But I am tired. I'm not used to the waking up early thing yet or the weaving in and out of traffic aggravation when my Mountain Dew hasn't kicked in yet.

To take a time out for myself, I have been enjoying the beautiful cooler 70's weather and rocking on my front porch. I love our Cracker Barrel rocking chairs! I took a book outside yesterday and read for a bit in my rocker while my son rode his bike. It was only a small amount of time, but it was fun!

Have you taken time out for you this week? Head over to Heather's blog to link up and find out what other Theta moms have been doing. (to find out more about what a Theta mom is head to her website)

7 comments on "Time Out For Theta Mom Thursday 9/3"
  1. You are so Theta Awesome Shelly! Thanks so much for joining us!

    I LOVE Cracker Barrel, when we drove down to Florida, we stopped at a million of them along I-95. Nothing better than enjoying some peaceful time on a rocking chair!

    Sounds like a PERFECT Time Out!

  2. That sounds perfect, a nice little scene out of a book! I felt like I was reading and opening chapter lol! Good job for taking care of yourself mom!

  3. Anytime no matter how little is STILL me time. When the kids go to sleep I sit in my rocker and read for alittle while too. So nice.

    I am glad you enjoyed your ME time! :)

  4. that sounds like a good relaxation moment..Have a wonderful Thursday:)

  5. Sounds perfect! I'm glad you enjoyed your 'me' time :-)
    Have a great evening!


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