MckLinky Blog Hop: 3 Things You Should Teach Your Kids

This week's Blog Hop Theme is "Three Things Everyone Should Teach Their Kids." Being a mom and a former teacher, there are so many things that I think children should be taught besides the obvious big things like faith, respect, kindness, service and so on. So here's my simple list:

1. Wash Your Hands: It sounds simple, but I notice with boys that they will come out of a bathroom without having washed their hands. I don't know what it is about taking an extra minute to go and get the soap, scrub and rinse, but for some reason it seems to be an annoying task boys want to avoid(and even some girls).

2. Do Not Eat Things Off the Floor or the Ground: The "five second rule" is something I've heard a lot. But imagine all the dirt, microscopic bacteria, pet hair, shoe debris and other nasty things you don't want to talk about that are on even the cleanest of floors. I've even seen kids pick up food off the pavement at the zoo. Um, gross!

3. Do Not Pick Your Nose: This may sound obvious, but I've seen older children & adults that do this in public. If you need to go bogey picking, at least go into the bathroom and get a tissue.

What's on your list?

Special thanks to Shoplet.com-Purell Hand Sanitizers for sponsoring this blog hop.

8 comments on "MckLinky Blog Hop: 3 Things You Should Teach Your Kids"
  1. The 5 second rule...lol..even I have used that one on occasion..yuk..

    Thanks for stopping by my blog..I hope #2 didn't offend..i probably should have wrote potty mouth instead of turrets..my bad


  2. Good ones!! I am working on the washing the hands thing with my boys . . . I agree it is disgusting!! They just don't seem to care! Have a great day.

  3. I cringe when someone is picking there nose it's so gross!!

  4. That is a very practical list. Good ones. I love your blog design. And thanks for dropping by my blog.

  5. You make me laugh. Sometimes I think I tell my husband to get his finger out of his nose more than my son!

  6. I grew doin the 5 second rule!
    Germs are really bad now days so I don't recommend that either.

    Yes hand washing is so simple, I am on the kids coming in and out of the apartment about doing that and hand sanitizer before they play with Tristan or his toys.

    Come by and see my list.
    Sorry I haven't commented more!

  7. Wait, no 5 minute rule, my mom never taught me that. Argh!

  8. I'm trying to teach my daughter not to pick her nose hahaha. She's three.


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