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It's all about me Monday at Supahmommy and Mommybrain. Put together a post telling us about 5 TV shows you're looking forward to watching... and no one best interrupt YOUyou.

I have to admit, I enjoy watching television. We make it a family affair during the week after dinner, homework, and shower time. We will either pop in a Netflix or watch something on t.v.

Here is our list:

Shows My hubby & I watch

1. So You Think You Can Dance - we have been watching since around the 3rd season and have loved it

2. 24- can't wait for the new season but I still have to wait about 4 more months!

3. Lost- we started watching this recently and started with Season 1 online and have gotten caught up through Season 4. My hubby & I have to wait until the DVD set of season 5 comes out so we can watch it on Netflix, since they won't release all of them on Fancast.

4. American Idol-should be interesting to see what the dynamics are with Ellen on the show this year.

5. Army Wives- My hubby even enjoys watching this!

Shows we watch as a Family

1. Supernanny- sure makes our house look less crazy when we watch this!

2. Extreme Makeover Home Edition- I'm a sap and this one often makes my son laugh at me for tearing up

3. Wife Swap- my son often wonders what it would be like if he switched out his mom, so I guess this fascinates him LOL

4. Cake Boss- We love TLC shows and enjoy watching the amazing cakes they come up with

5. Food Network Challenge- my son wants to try out becoming a chef some day and often asks to watch any of these challenges

What are your 5 favorite shows? Join in the fun by clicking on the button above.

10 comments on "All About MEme Monday"
  1. We will sit for TLC or Food Network about any time at our house. My daughter LOVES Bobby Flay - yes, my three year old has excellent taste!

  2. oh shoooot I forgot cake boss!
    I LOVE IT!!

    Thanks for playing along.. i love that you divided it into categories. :)

    i cry EVERY SINGLE TIME at the Move the bus... time.

    it's terrible..

    thanks so much for playing along!!

  3. The mere mention of TLC and the Food Network has me wavering on my no cable decision ... oh, how I miss those shows!

    I cannot watch Extreme Home Makeover - it's just not worth the tears!

    My hubby will be all about 24 - again - but Chloe (which ever season she started) ruined it for me. That girl cannot act!

    Thanks for joining our meme ... see you again next week, right? :)

  4. I use to watch lost, but then it got to sci-fi for me. I don't know maybe I should start watching it again. I don't think we pay extra for our DVR, I think it's just part of our cable box. It's not TIVO. The BF pays the bills so I'm not sure. If anything it's only $5 more a month and it's so worth it!!

    Especially if you have kids, it's worth it to tape their shows.

  5. First, the new blog design is beautiful! My son-12 loves the Food Network Challanges and it is super fun to watch the cake ones in particular. Okay, my 5 shows are (this is minus LOST which won't return until Jan.!): Fringe, So You Think You Can Dance, The Amazing Race, darn, that's it. I do watch more TV than that, but those are the ones I dvr and you better leave me along while I am watching them :)

  6. THat's when I started watching SYTYCD, too. Love it. While it's a little hard for me to get dh to watch it with me, he did take me to see the live tour last year. The briefcase dance makes me cry every time I've seen it.

  7. Mine are:


    Grey's Anatomy



    Nancy Grace

  8. we are film people I have to say. We don't watch any television shows here really, but do love a good film.

  9. Your site is very cute! I hopped over from MBC. It's nice to meet you.

  10. Mine are Grace, General Hospital, House, NCIS. So many shows there are. I love your site. I came over from MBC. Its nice to meet you.


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