All About MEme Monday: Survivor


memesThis week's theme for All About MEme Monday, brought to you by Supahmommy and Mommybrain, is

Suvivor: 5 Essential MEme Items I cannot survive without...

memes* on a daily basis

* on a deserted island

* with my kids in the car

What and why.

This is such a tough one! There are so many things it's hard to pick only 5! But if I were forced to choose only 5 (these being items, not people, because of course I would automatically have to have my family), these would be the items:

1. Mountain Dew: I cannot live without caffeine. I really think my brain would shut off.

2. My laptop with internet connection: I use it every day. Without it I couldn't work, blog, keep up with my son's homework assignments, catch up to the latest t.v. shows online, enter giveaways, or connect with friends I've "met." A lot of the things that I do are online.

3. A book: I can't name just one title because I love so many, so I guess I'd have to grab whichever book I am reading at that moment. I always have one in my purse or tote bag. But if you forced me to choose just one book, I'd have to take my Bible.

4. Chocolate: It's a girl's best friend! Add caramel to it and...bliss...man I could use some right now!

5. Burt's Bee's Lip Balm: I have the worst dry lips that crack easily. Even if I wore no other make-up and looked like a Nightmare on Elm Street, at least my lips would feel good!

What about you? What 5 items would you choose?

12 comments on "All About MEme Monday: Survivor"
  1. I get the shakes just thinking about mountain dew. I used to drink several cans a day. Now, I can't drink it or I'll be addicted again!

  2. I get the shakes just thinking about mountain dew. I used to drink several cans a day. Now, I can't drink it or I'll be addicted again!

  3. I recently kicked (by "kicked" I mean dropped from 6-7 a day to 1 or 2 a day) my Diet Coke habit. I'm saving money and my kidneys all at the same time....

  4. How could I forget chocolate?? I need me some butterfingers and peanut butter m&m's.... (hmmm, i might go get those now)

  5. I am totally missing out of the chapstick thing. Everyone is so attached to theirs!

    Great list

  6. I concur with the laptop and internet. A must. Yes, to the chapstick and caffeine. I also agree with the book. I would need an ipod as well!!

  7. I LOVE Burts Bees! I just bought a cute four pack in a little cute bag. I was going to share the chapstick with my husband but decided that I would probably go through it within a few weeks. It's the best!

  8. Technicality on the internet connectivity! Shoot! I should go edit my list to include that... :)

  9. Thank you for playing along!
    I really have to figure out the lip balm thing too.. it's as if your lip balms are your own personal McHey Hey's..

    it's nuttso!!

    i also enjoy carmel and chocolate combined.

    come back soon!

  10. Does Mountain Dew have caffeine? I thought it was just tons of sugar.

    I'm with ya' about the computer thing.

  11. Besides the Mountain Dew, I totally agree! I love all those things you mentioned. :)

    I wanted to thank you for praying for Harry. That means so much to me. May God bless your for your caring heart.

  12. I love chocolate with carmel too! And I love BBees too..

    It was hard to just name just 5 things!

    Thanks for stopping over to Poolside!


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