Thank You


Thank you to everyone who voted for me in the blog makeover contest! I came in second place to Stephanie. I may not have won a blog makeover, but I had fun entering. I appreciate all of you who voted for me. And congratulations Stephanie for your win!

Here is the link to the results: The Thrifty Home

6 comments on "Thank You"
  1. Congrats, I mean it's a feat in itself to come in 2nd place.

  2. Darn! I've entered so many contests like that and never won one! Oh well. :)

  3. hi there! I want to thank you for participating and tell you that I really want to make something work for you to get your makeover :) send me your email address and we'll talk: olivinadesignhouse@gmail.com

  4. Aw SH** Shelly, I thought you had it in the bag.

    I think your Blog looks great :O)


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