Random Tuesday Thoughts: Doggies on Treadmills & Sword Swallowers?


I am sitting here trying to stop myself from coughing all over the screen. Seems that I am having a bad asthma day. Must be poor air quality, bad pollen, or something outside that has gotten to me. Guess I will be taking my Advair twice today or else I'll be walking my dog on someone's treadmill instead of going outdoors. And since I don't know anyone who has a treadmill I can borrow....that doesn't leave me many options.

Summer is almost over. Hooray! I must admit, summer is not my favorite time of the year. I do not like heat & humidity. I am originally from New England and would love to have a blizzard right now! Mind you, I do enjoy the time I get to spend with my son at the pool, taking day trips to the beach by a lake, and going to free summer movies at Regal. But I am ready for some colder weather! Bring it on!

In another week, I am hoping to visit the Renaissance Festival. It's an annual tradition that started when my friend first took my son & I years ago. I've loved it ever since! My son loves the jousting and seeing the human chess game. My favorite performer is Johnny Fox the sword swallower. He is hilarious and a bit crazy too!

Renaissance Festival

August 2008

You can find out more about the Renaissance Festival here.

So what are your random thoughts today?

11 comments on "Random Tuesday Thoughts: Doggies on Treadmills & Sword Swallowers?"
  1. Fun...we have the Renaissance Festival in MN too and I always love going whenever I can. Hope you have a great time!

  2. Hey, walking the dog on a treadmill. Now THAT is a good idea! :)
    Happy RTT!

  3. Come on over...I've got a treadmill your dog can use,
    I'm looking forward to Fall as well. I love the coolness & the awesome fall clothes!

  4. that treadmill picture in my head is making me laugh..

    Renaissance Festival sounds like fun!!

    do update our info...we are hosting our own domain now...just follow the link of the comment..

  5. I'm so over the heat too. I say bring the rain!!

  6. I'm so over the heat too. I say bring the rain!!

  7. I've been to a Renaissance Festival once and it really was fun. It's so themed that it's kind of over the top but in a we're on vacation, this is great kind of way.

  8. I don't want fall - I didn't get SUMMER yet!

  9. Hope your asthma day was short lived.

    I'm not a fan of humidity either but I'm less of a fan of heavy coats and boots.

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  11. I once saw some guy walking dog on treadmill in the lifespanfitness showroom, it was really cute.

    Renasissance Festival? never been there, Hope get a chance to get there.


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