Not Me Monday: Laundry & Mr Clean


It's that time again, when we confess to all the things we did not do this week.

I did not end up with a huge pile of laundry to do this weekend. I did not spend a lot of time cleaning sheets, comforters, and clothes in robotic fashion, listening for the buzzer like one of Pavlov's salivating dogs. And I did not scrub our bathroom from top to bottom with Greenworks and have to go downstairs for a while to breathe because we don't have a bathroom fan in our little master bathroom (all natural plant based cleaners apparently do not affect the asthmatic?).

I did not take a break from laundry and house cleaning to bring my munchkin to the pool and let him swim for 3 hours. My poor hubby did not forget to put lotion on his face & shaved head and end up looking like a cute daddy lobster when we got home. I did not have to squirt aloe vera onto his head & face that made him all shiny like Mr. Clean (minus the earring). I did not feel sorry for my dear hubby.

And I most certainly did not get to spend 2 full hours reading a book for an upcoming book review in blissful quiet.

No, not me!

What did you not do this week? Head over to MckMama's blog for more Not Me fun!

7 comments on "Not Me Monday: Laundry & Mr Clean"
  1. I am NOT looking forward to your book review - you will post it here, right? I am NOT always looking for new things to read.

  2. Poor hubby. Reading for 2 hours sounds glorious.

  3. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I too seemingly have laundry issues. Just finished my last load today though after much procrastinating last week.

  4. Your poor hubby, Hope he's not hurting too ad.

  5. Laundry always seems to pile up at our house too...it is piled right now!! My hubby always forget to put on sunscreen and then ends up with a red face too!

  6. It's the never-ending story. The stuff that doesn't get done which then piles up like the laundry load. It's the things you need to do but there's always something else on the endless list. I'm with ya!

  7. You had a busy weekend! I wish I was that motivated to clean!
    I hope you enjoyed your book!


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