Not Me Monday: 4th of July Fireworks & Itchy-Itchy-Itchy

not me monday

Welcome to this 4th of July in the year 2009....

We didn't do a lot of fun things this 4th of July weekend. For example, we didn't drive an hour & a half to a state park and enjoy the sandy beach by a beautiful lake. My kiddo certainly didn't have a blast shooting water out of a squirt gun from the dollar store with another little monkey to his heart's content! Nope!

We also didn't spend time at the pool lounging in the sun or playing catch in the pool on a gorgeous breezy afternoon. Oh, did I mention we also didn't have a yummy grill-out of cheeseburgers and corn on the cob and my favorite of all favorites potato salad?

Alas, I also didn't have to listen to fireworks in our neighborhood from 8pm until about midnight. Our neighbors down the block didn't shoot up a display of crazy- perhaps-illegal-boomers that shook the house and scared my dog into shaking and almost hyperventilating til drool pooled around us. My son didn't think it was the coolest thing to happen on the block either.

This 4th of July weekend, I didn't discover that slathering myself with two different brands of sunscreen would cause this allergic reaction on my arms & legs that would keep me up all night scratching and breaking out in rashy bumps despite having taken benadryl and rubbed cream into my skin until it felt raw. I most certainly am not still itching this morning! Nope, not me!

10 comments on "Not Me Monday: 4th of July Fireworks & Itchy-Itchy-Itchy"
  1. Happy Not Me Monday! Loved your post!

  2. So happy you did NOT have a good time on the fourth....minus the itchy reaction and your dog's frothing episode from the booms.

    Thanks for popping in my world today! :)

  3. Sounds like you had a fun 4th! Yucky about the rash from the sunscreen! I never would have thought that would happen...I hope the itching gets better soon!

  4. It sounds like your weekend was NOT fun :) I hope your rash goes away (fyi: it's hot at the office, still no ac and it might not get fixed until Wednesday... cross your fingers for me :)... We are looking at 105 by then, yikes)!! thanks for your awesome comment also :)

  5. Sound like you had fun except for the sunscreen reaction. That stinks.

  6. So sorry about your allergic reaction! That stinks! Glad you had a good weekend, besides that part! Thanks for the comment on my NMM! :)

  7. Hopping over from the "Not a Bow in Sight" blog. Sounds like a great weekend - in spite of the allergic reaction -- OUCH!! Great blog!

    ~ Jennifer

  8. Love your animated fireworks! Sorry to hear about the itching!

  9. I love new followers! IF you leave a second comment on the giveaway you get another entry since your a follower... HINT HINT

  10. Hi, I'm Alicia from S.C - Nice to meet ya! :o) Just stoppin by to say hello and say your blog is adorable!


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