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Not Me Monday: Library Books and Milk Shakes Oh My!


It's that time again, when we confess to all the things we did not do this week.

Let's see....

I did not get yet another email reminder stating that my son's library books are coming up on being due. I did not search the house from top to bottom again looking for this one missing book that caused me to renew it 3 times in the hope that I would find it before the last renewal was up. I did not turn up empty and my son will not have to take the money out of his allowance to replace the book. Because we never lose anything in this house and everything is always organized and in its place!

I did not make another trip to the grocery store with my hubby for more ice cream. We did not need another big tub of vanilla to make home-made chocolate milk shakes in the blender. And I do not need to exercise for at least an hour every day this week to work off that milk shake. And I am not dreaming about finding the time or motivation to work out every day for an hour.

Nope, not me!

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13 comments on "Not Me Monday: Library Books and Milk Shakes Oh My!"
  1. Funny NM's I had to renew two of my sons library books this weekend because they were due and I couldn't find them anywhere, will see how many times I have to do that.

  2. I renewed my DVDs and still managed to be 4 days late with them! UHG! $6 down the drain!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier! I can so NOT relate to the library books. We would never do anything like that. When I was little, my mom did not have to borrow cards from both my sister and me because she had so many outstanding fees on hers!

  4. I would never lose anything in my house either!

  5. I have NOT been in the same place with library books and I do NOT love milk shakes.

  6. We have been on a major ice cream kick lately! I think we had two different kinds in the fridge earlier this week and now they are both gone! I SO need to find the motivation to work all that off!

  7. I get the library book thing...I still have over due books.

    I love making home made ice-cream.

    My hubby went away 3 weeks ago for a week and I ate so much junk that I will have to do an hour of gym for the rest of my life...today I worked out so hard that I nearly puked!!

  8. Oh, Shelly! Now you have me dying for a milkshake!

    I just have to tell you my library book story. We looked for a book that we swore we had returned for 6 weeks. The librarians kept insisting it wasn't on the shelf. I got an email from the library saying I had to pay for the book. The librarian said don't pay it...it must turn up. They knew we had never had a late book never mind a lost book. So, I didn't pay it. Then I started getting emails from the library about how they were going to take me to collections! So my hubby said, "Enough is Enough...Just pay it." So I went to the library. Paid for the book and the fines. I was so upset about that ridiculous book. The money was bad enough but I had literally spent an ENTIRE 8 hour day searching drawers, closets, cupboards, under beds, cars even boxes going to Good Will looking for that little book. I never have 8 hours to waste. So I pay a ridiculous amount of money to buy a new book (library editions cost alot more) that I could have bought for $5 on Amazon or half.com Then not even a week later, I get a call from the librarian. She says, "You will never guess what I found when I was cleaning up the shelves?" You got it. That stupid little board book. And then, to add insult to injury, I got a letter from the library with a refund of like $1! I was getting ready to make a huge fit over it and my good husband pointed out that it would take more time than I had already lost and I should just consider a donation to the library which we love.

  9. Hope you find the Library book!! I am craving milk shakes now!


  10. Mmm...Haven't had a milkshake in ages...

  11. When you find that motivation to work out and are done with it would you not be willing to send it my way? (Of if you really feel like it, do an extra hour for me?!?) :-)
    Great Not Me's!

  12. Thanks for stopping by! I have never had to recheck library books for undisclosed periods of time! I have never received a late notice from our public library nor have I nearly had my loaner rights removed from me. hehehe...My son, the one who caused the books to be late in the first place, has never had to go to detention at school for unpaid library fines either. Nope, we are excellent library patrons!

  13. So many of us can relate to the workout thing after eating our "guilty pleasure"! THANKS for stopping by my blog today.


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