Aloha Friday: What Is Your Favorite Disney Character?

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Here is how Aloha Friday works from Kailani's blog An Island Life:

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

My question this week: What is Your Favorite Disney character?

I have Disney World on the brain; we are saving to bring my son to Disney World. My favorite Disney character lately is Tinkerbell. I absolutely LOVE Tink and her cute fairy wings! I think she's fun and we could all use a little magic pixie dust in our lives from time to time.

So who is your favorite Disney character? Leave a comment and if you're participating in Aloha Friday, link up below so we can visit each other's posts.

Have a great weekend!
24 comments on "Aloha Friday: What Is Your Favorite Disney Character?"
  1. That's a hard one to choose. I love them all! If I have to pick just one, I'll have to go with Mickey Mouse.

  2. That is a really hard question. My favorite movie is Aladdin but I think my favorite character is Gus (well, all the mice but you said one) from Cinderella. He is just so cute.

  3. I love Tink, I love her attitude!!! My oldest daughter and I love the new Tinkerbell movie and can not wait till her next one is out...

  4. I love Winnie the pooh.. and Tinkerbell of course!

    Happy Aloha Friday!

  5. Beauty, she's the one and only really strong female character whos brain is more evident than her sexuality.

  6. Belle, she learned to love Beast for his inner beauty.

    Aloha Anne

  7. Right now, it has to be Pooh, boy I could use a smackerel!

    Delighted to meet you! Just found your site via CSAHM. I just started this blogging adventure a few months ago, but continue to be amazed at the joy, encouragement, and faith that I find.

    Keep writing, the world is reading.

    Hugs from this missionary mommy,
    Sarah Dawn

  8. Micky Mouse... I have always loved Mickey and love that they have Mickey Mouse club house on Disney. My youngest loves watching and so do I.

  9. Hard one!

    I like Mater from Cars. My son loves him too, but calls him Maynerd.

    My Aloha Friday :)

  10. I would have to say Sleeping Beauty. I love the movie and the score. I still sing "Once Upon a Dream" to my son. He asks me "politely" to stop, but I just keep going. Have a wonderful weekend and Aloha!

  11. phineas & ferb. lol

  12. Snow White because we live near Disneyland and had annual passes for years. We got dd a Snow White costume when she was 3 and she looked just like her - she would wear her costume to the park and felt so special - she wore that costume for 2 years.

  13. Tinkerbell is my favorite! Stopping by from MBC to follow all the networked bloggers. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  14. Hmmmm....that's a tough one. Ask me on Oct 20th when we return from our first family trip to Disney.

  15. I simply adored The Jungle Book growing up. My favorite characters are tied between Baghera and Baloo.

  16. Sorry, I'm going to bust the party.
    We are anti-Disney at my house.
    Oh, and I'd send this post to Disney - it's free advertising for them. Maybe the might give you a discount on that trip you are saving for. I'm serious.

  17. I'd have to say the big cheese himself--Mickey Mouse!!


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