Random Tuesday Thoughts: Where's My Motivation & Hot Fudge


I'm finding it hard to get much of anything done today. I feel sleepy and have yet to get out of my pajamas or shower or put on make-up.

I drank two mountain dews before noon. Thought caffeination would help with said sleepiness, but still feel like I'm dragging.

Almost got a virus from facebook. A friend sent a message to my email and I tried to click on said message. Hope changing my password prevented them from accessing my account! Note to self: When sleepy, do not check your email.

I'm hungry and craving a huge hot fudge sundae. Wishing I had a PR assistant who would go buy me a hot fudge sundae. Or perhaps that the ice cream people would deliver. Hey, they're only down the street. I don't think they want to see me pull up to the drive through window in my pajammies and wild hair.

Guess I'll settle for a bunch of carrots & celery and ranch dressing and while I munch on the rabbit food I will pretend it's gooey hot fudge.

Got any random thoughts today that you want to share?
2 comments on "Random Tuesday Thoughts: Where's My Motivation & Hot Fudge"
  1. I felt that same way yesterday and again today....only I am craving danish / pastries.

    I'm blaming it on my allergies. :-)

    have a beautiful day....


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