Random Tuesday Thoughts: Pedicure Meets Wart


It's that time again. Total randomness. Keeps me from having to think up a theme when my brain feels like it's in a coma!

First off, I am very saddened to hear the news that Jon & Kate Gosselin are divorcing. I feel so sorry for their kids. Having been through a divorce, I can relate to how Kate is feeling. I was very surprised to hear that they are still doing a t.v. show despite the mess all of this media attention has caused! I will continue to pray for their family.

My own kiddo is not with me today and I miss him. I hope that he is doing something fun.

There's this annoying little wart on my index finger. Must get some wart remover and kill this thing!

I need a pedicure badly. I painted my toe nails, but even that could not hide the ugly soles of my hideous feet. (I have 10 years of teaching and wearing dress shoes feet.) Must soak feet, scrub off dead skin, and hope there's some life under there somewhere. Otherwise when I go to the pool, may have to wear socks in the water so no one gasps at the grody-ness of my tootsies!

Not awake yet. Must drink Mountain Dew.

What are your Random Tuesday thoughts? You can find more at Keely's blog, The Un Mom.
5 comments on "Random Tuesday Thoughts: Pedicure Meets Wart"
  1. Not sure how I feel about the whole J/K+8 thing...I don't usually watch it but DH insisted. Anyway you look at it, its sad.

    My feet are super nasty..I had a pedicure and it only sort of helped. My friend bought some of the Karatol (?) at Walgreen's because its on sale and said it is actually AMAZING..so now I have to try it. Its on the to do list for today.

  2. I agree with Jenn. Not sure how i feel either about J/K + 8. I think this show and the "fame" has ripped their marriage apart and now all 8 of their children will suffer from it. It's very sad. Not fair to the kids at all.

    I wish dearly that I could get a pedicure :) I love those so much. So relaxing.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts of randomness with us! :)

  3. I watched some of Jon and Kate last night only got the ending. I was so sad...

    Pedicure what is that???? I can not honestly remember the last time I had one. I paint my toes, but a pedicure would be awesome.

    Mountain Dew I thought I was the only one who had them for breakfast:)) Glad I am not alone in the world...

  4. Ugh. I need a pedi, too, but hate having my feet touched. I tried polish but it's not doing it for my toes and I feel like every time I go to the hospital, I need nice feet lol.

  5. I NEED a pedicure, but I can't stand the feeling of people filing my feet!

    Happy RTT!


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