Random Tuesday Thoughts: Oh No You Didn't!

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I have been totally annoyed by a neighbor several houses down who has this annoying Black Camaro (or Firebird or whatever the car is) that constantly revs his engine day and night. I mean really, do you need to rev your engine at 11pm? Do you really need to sit outside the house just hitting the gas pedal and annoying everyone on the street? Does that make you feel validated as a man or something? Some people actually try to sleep in this neighborhood...

I wish that these thunderstorms would just go away. We had another one at like 4 AM and it totally woke me up. If you wake me up at that time of day, then I am pretty much cranky the rest of the day. And a cranky mama isn't something you wanna deal with. The pool is finally open for daily operations this week, and guess what, the weather forecast says THUNDERSTORMS! GRRRRR....

I need to stop leaving Facebook open while I work. People IM me and then I get wrapped up in conversations rather than doing what I'm supposed to be doing. I love talking to friends, don't get me wrong. I just end up getting nothing accomplished and, before I know it, it's 3pm and I haven't done half of what I'm supposed to do for the day. Note to self: Facebook doesn't need to be open all the time!

Is it bad that I haven't showered yet or gotten out of my Tinkerbell pajamas at 3 in the afternoon?

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4 comments on "Random Tuesday Thoughts: Oh No You Didn't!"
  1. Showering before 3pm is a luxury...simply a luxury ;)

  2. You have Tinkerbell pajamas?? I want some, too!

  3. Of course its okay for you to be in your pajamas at 3pm in the afternoon. If not, I am in serious trouble some days!

  4. I don't usually get out of my pj's unless I'm taking Tristan to therapy, and a shower at 10pm is good for me!

    I have a facebook account, look me up

    Yeah I know what you mean about the neighbors and their nosey vehciles! I have one too!


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