Random Tuesday Thoughts: Baby Birds, Chocolate & Sleep

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I still have this weekend on my mind. My hubby found a dead baby bird in our back yard and a poor little still alive one that fell out of their nest in a very tall tree in our yard. The little helpless creature was opening its beak. We put it in a plastic container nestled it in paper towels and put it back in the yard, hoping that its mommy would come back. She didn't.

So we brought the little guy (or girl) inside to take care of it. My hubby tenderly fed it water and mushed up food through a dropper every 15-20 minutes. I helped him as well, hoping the little guy would make it. My hubby named him Felix and my son named him Philip.

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The baby made it through the night, but in the morning he was just too weak. He passed and my hubby buried little Felix/Philip in the yard with the other baby. It was just so sad to see a little life struggle like that and pass away.

On a lighter note, thunderstorms rocked the sky this a.m. and woke me up. The thunder was so loud that I startled out of a dream-like sleep and thought a bomb had gone off or something. I never got back to sleep. I hate mornings.

When I'm sleepy, I crave caffeine. Which leads me to think about chocolate. Hot fudge. Ooey gooey hot fudge. With vanilla ice cream. Cold. Caloric. Goodness. Which leads me to think about my ellyptical sitting in the basement. That I will avoid today because I'm too sleepy. Which leads me back to craving caffeine. Chocolate. Hot Fudge. If you give a girl some chocolate.......... (anyone know the book reference?)

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2 comments on "Random Tuesday Thoughts: Baby Birds, Chocolate & Sleep"
  1. I remember when that book first came out. Does that date me?

  2. Aw, poor bird! I remember something similar happening when I was a kid.


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