Not Me Monday: Landing Gracefully

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Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

We were trying to have a family outing. You know, the picturesque view of a Dad, Mom and child bike riding through the park on a beautiful sunny day, wind blowing their hair, smiles on their faces, matching khaki shorts & polo shirts, the envy of all families. That kind of outing.

I hadn't planned on what followed. We didn't pack up our SUV with the cooler full of drinks & snacks. My husband didn't spend a half an hour putting on the bike rack, loading the two larger bikes onto it, and squeezing the kid's bike into the back by folding down the seat. We weren't excited about the cooler weather in the 60's (perfect for a bike ride) and the opportunity to get out and have some fun.

We hadn't set out on our lovely bike ride for only five minutes to find out that there was a problem. Here I was, last one in the family line of bikes, gliding along gracefully, when I did not happen to look down and find that my pedal wasn't moving easily. I did not come to an abrupt halt several yards away from my family to try and stop my bike.

I did not try to break and find that my foot was stuck; the shoelace wrapped around the side of the pedal attaching me to the bike. I did not cry out "Hold on a second!" to my still peddling family only to have them turn around and watch me like a slow motion movie. The bike did not suddenly tip over to the right and knock me onto the pavement with my foot still attached to the pedal. Not in front of two 4 year olds on their bikes coming the opposite direction and staring at me as though I were some kind of alien.

My husband did not look at me in horror and come flying off his bike to ask if I was okay. He did not have to untie my shoe and detach my foot from it while a bike was still on top of me. He also didn't have to pick the bike off of me and get the emergency kit to wipe off my blood soaked knee and put bandaids on it like a two year old child. He did not have to tie my shoe laces for me and pull me up off the ground.

Nor did I not whine or wince or shudder in horror that people had seen me go down. I was not humiliated! We did not have to get the car and put the bikes away quickly and have me sit on the bench the rest of our time at the park.

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And I didn't wake up this morning looking like a black & blue checkerboard on both legs.

No, not me!
2 comments on "Not Me Monday: Landing Gracefully"
  1. Oh my you poor thing!! What an adventure!! Sorry your legs got so busted up! :(

  2. Oh no, Shelly! I'm sorry to hear about your bike riding misadventures. As it least it will be memorable for the 3 of you. Your son will be saying years from now, "Mom, remember that time when you crashed on your bike . . ." :o)


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