Loving My Husband Friday

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Loving My Husband Friday is for taking the time to focus on the positives of marriage. A time to build up your marriage and your spouse. Focus on something you love about your husband,
something he did to encourage you this week, or just a tip on how to keep your marriage strong. Let your husband know you're bragging on him...everyone loves praise and accolades. Try to spend the rest of your week focusing on all the great traits of your spouse...especially when your tempted to focus on the bad! And don't forget to pray for your husband and marriage as you write your post.

I am so blessed to have a husband who supports me and understands what I have to deal with in regards to family dynamics. He is a wonderful step-dad to my son! I don't think I could get through some of the stresses I've dealt with without him. It isn't easy having a blended family, but he is so patient and loving. I love you honey!

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4 comments on "Loving My Husband Friday"
  1. I love this idea...and your post. I borrowed it and did one of my own. Hope you dont mind!!

  2. How wonderful that he is so supportive. I prayed for your marriage. Thanks for linking up!

  3. This is so sweet. I love this idea and I'm sure alot of husbands need some praise, because it is very easy to focus on the bad instead of the good.


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