Tackle It Tuesday: Birthdays


I decided to link up to Five Minutes for Mom's Tackle it Tuesday meme today. There are so many things on my to-do list that I would bore you with all of them. But one in particular I thought I would share.

My big project to "tackle" this week is getting ready for my son's 10th birthday party this weekend. I can't believe my little boy is turning 10 tomorrow! It seems like just yesterday he was toddling around in diapers...sniff sniff...

For his 10th birthday, my son decided he wants a Roller skating party. The very same day we are supposed to leave for my hubby's Nana's 90th birthday birthday!

So on my to do list of items to tackle before Saturday are:

1. Type up guest list for the skating rink
2. Purchase a cake
3. Purchase balloons
4. Do laundry so we have something to pack for the weekend's activities
5. Clean the doggy's messy crate & give her another bath because let's face it, she smells!
6. Work on my son's Community Service project for school which is due very soon
7. Schedule special birthday surprise lunch/dinner for Z tomorrow with mom and with friends
8. Tidy up the house: clean the bathrooms, clean the kitchen, etc. etc.
9. Help hubby with his Nana's b-day stuff
10. Try to get some exercise

Ok, that list is starting to look longer and longer...so for today, I think I will just focus on 1 or 2 at a time. I think I'll go take a walk with the smelly dog....

What's on your Tackle it list?
2 comments on "Tackle It Tuesday: Birthdays"
  1. Good luck! We've got two birthday parties to plan for the weekend after this one. I don't even know where to start. At least you have a list! Should be fun and Happy Early Birthday Z!

  2. Busy busy!!! I hope your little boy enjoys his skating party. Those are always so fun!


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