Random Tuesday Thoughts: From My Brain to Yours

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It's Tuesday, but really it feels like Monday. Random thoughts are going through my head a lot today, so I thought I'd link up to Kelly's meme over at Baby Boogers. Be sure to check out her blog; it's boogery goodness! You can also find more Random Tuesday Thoughts over at Keely's blog The Un Mom.

Had a busy weekend with my son's roller skating b-day party & then my hubby's Nana's 90th birthday celebration. Man, I ate too much! Wish I felt like exercising....but I think I'll skip it.

I picked up my doggy from the kennel today. She was incredibly hyper and happy to see me. She usually saves up all that love for her daddy, but today she was giving me doggy kisses and jumping on me for joy. Now the kennel is not a bad place at all; they spoil her rotten and think she's absolutely adorable. So she really didn't have it all that bad. I think she was just happy to see that her "people" were once again in her world.

It's raining intermittently today and all I can think of is curling up on the couch with a cozy blanky and a good book. We went from 85 degrees yesterday to about 60 today. Alas, I must sit at the computer and work.

School's almost out for the summer and I am ecstatic! This has been one long year. I am happy that my son gets a break from the never ending homework that comes with private school. On to times at the pool, trips to the library, and fun with mom!

What are your random thoughts today? Share with me. You know you want to!
1 comment on "Random Tuesday Thoughts: From My Brain to Yours"
  1. Hi, I am stopping by Mom Bloggers Club and gonna hook up with your networked blogs Facebook widget:)

    My dog's favorite is my Husband too.

    My random thoughts are man it is chilly! What happend to the warm weather we had this past weekend:)

    I am so looking for school to get out. I am just hoping that the new dog we got will let my sleep in a little bit.


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