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I love Karen Kingsbury's books, especially her recent novel that I just finished reading,Take One (Above the Line Series). She writes about families and real-life situations that tug at your heartstrings.

This series is about two Christian filmmakers and former missionaries, Chase Ryan and Keith Ellison, who are trying to make an independent film together on a tight budget. They film in the town of Bloomington, Indiana, known to many of Karen's readers as the town where the Baxter family lives. The story follows their journey through filmmaking; it's ups and downs, it's stresses and triumphs.

Karen Kingsbury

It also brings in many characters from her other books; Katy Hart and Dayne Matthews, and their friends' daughter, Bailey Flanigan. Bailey is at college and is struggling with her heart; does she continue to date her boyfriend Tim, or tell her friend Cody that she loves him? We also get to meet Andi Ellison, daughter of filmmaker Keith Ellison and Bailey's roommate. Both girls deal with college life and the many choices that young adults have to make during those years. I can't wait to read the next novel in the series to find out more about Bailey and Cody!

You can find out more about Karen Kingsbury's Take One (Above the Line Series) at her website

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3 comments on "Things I Love Thursday 4/30"
  1. I love Karen Kingsbury too. I read Just Beyond the Clouds and This Side of Heaven. I loved both of them. I am planning to start Dandelion Dust this weekend.

    Glad to know that there are several others worth reading as well.

  2. I hadn't heard of these books. It may be because I live under a rock and don't get to read too many books anymore ... =( I will keep these in mind. Thanks! And thanks 4 linking!

  3. hey found your blog on MBC under 100 group. Hope you will stop by and check mine out and enter in my first giveaway?

    I just got a Karen Kingsbury book "A Time to Dance" have you heard of it??



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